New Sneaker Release: Nike Air Trainer SC and Air Max 90 Winter Sneakerboots

It might seem like we at The Drop harp on it a lot, but for all sneakerheads it’s really important. You have to not only know how and what to rock during the cold winter months when there’s nothing on the ground but snow and sleet and dirt and salt and just straight nastiness. You also have to have the right shoes to wear. Suede is a no go. Icy soles probably won’t work, either. Some sneakerheads don’t even bother trying. Too much on the line. Thankfully, Champs Sports has you covered with the hybrid Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot and Nike Air Trainer SC Sneakerboot, which combines one of the most beloved Nike Bo Jackson shoes ever with a boot. Now you can afford to stash away some of your best kicks and still be looking good this winter.

This Air Max Trainer SC boot look is a risky combination. Fans of Jackson’s memorable run with Nike do not take well to people messing with his legacy and this is a design that could easily get screwed up. Instead, Nike came correct by keeping the midsole, especially that air bubble, and adding extra rubber boot traction on the outsole. Many of the sneaker’s elements are still here as well, and while the eyelets are different, they’re at least still visible. The boot also features a water-repellant leather upper and a reflective Swoosh logo.

The all-black Air Max 90 sneakerboot is just as hard, retaining all of the classic essentials on an entirely new canvas.

Having launched at Champs Sports in a limited edition quickstrike, make sure you’re up on game at all times because you don’t want to be missing out on these. It’ll be a long time before the weather heats up again, so make sure you’re prepared this winter.

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Nike Air Trainer SC Winter Sneakerboot