New Slides From Nike and Jordan Brand Are Warm Weather Essentials

In an age where it’s all about looking casual, you need to be prepared. You can’t be rocking slides without knowing what goes into them.

With new slides dropping from both Nike and the Jordan Brand at Champs Sports, you know we couldn’t leave you out there solo, with no help. Even if the name of the game right now is looking casual, it’s still very easy to come off looking like a hypebeast. That’s because, at their base, there are two very different trains of thought when it comes to how you can effectively rock a slide.

The majority of cats you’ll see — at least ones groomed in the culture — are going to wear socks with slides. That’s the only correct way to wear them. Don’t let the old folks and the lames dictate this. It’s a crucial point. No one wants to see your feet. No one wants to see naked toes. Just don’t do it. Not cool, no matter how many bros look at you all funny for storming the college campus with shorts, some tall white socks, and some slides. Some day in the future, they might catch on. But if not? Do you.

The new collection of slides from Nike and Jordan Brand is perfect for anyone who’s an athlete, or even someone just looking to chill out and pull off a casual look while on campus. With spring and summer here, and with the weather everywhere getting to shorts and T-shirt temperatures, make sure you come equipped with the right footwear.

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Air Jordan 7 Hydro Slide

Nike Solarsoft Slide

Nike Solarsoft Slide