Go Inside a New Edition of the PUMA R698 Suede

Back in 1991, when runners all over the globe were searching for something different, something that stood out, PUMA dropped the R698. It was an iconic moment in sneaker culture, for the R698 is a shoe that eventually accomplished a few incredible feats. First up, it earned a distinction as a piece of lifestyle culture, resonating with shoe lovers for its vibrant colors and design. And second, it showed it had enough staying power to last beyond the first few years. Some of that is certainly a credit to the look of the actual shoe, but it’s also because of some amazing collaborations with a few of the industry’s most noteworthy style aficionados.

“[PUMA has] changed a lot of over the past five years and I’m totally on board with the direction they’re going in,” sneaker influencer @EddieWinKicks told us recently. “The R698, Disc, and Blaze of Glory have all gotten a lot of love recently and I hope that continues.”

The PUMA R698 was introduced nearly 25 years ago as a sneaker that had it all. Now coming back in three new suede editions, and still featuring plenty of support in a Trinomic-packed sole for comfort, sneakerheads will be ready. Available now at Champs Sports, the R698 is a must for anyone looking to upgrade their swagger. Though PUMA still has its roots in creating sneakers for fast runners, in 2015 more and more of us are realizing that, hey, they’ve been killing the athleisure game for a while. Catch up.

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PUMA R698 Suede

PUMA R698 Suede

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