The New Jordan Flight Flex Trainer 2 Can Turn You Into a Beast in the Gym

You know who enjoyed the first Jordan Flight Flex Trainer? Pretty much everyone. Even Derek Jeter liked it. He got his own colorway of the training shoe. The sequel to the first Jordan Flight Flex Trainer is not only stylish enough to earn you extra points, but it’s also going to do big things at the gym. Available now at Champs Sports, make sure you cop this summer, whether you are planning to wear them to the gym or not. Why? Well, in this particular instance, we’re getting three colorways of the trainer, making it possible for you to match your personality to the right fit.

The Flight Flex Trainer 2 isn’t a regurgitated original, nor is it a shoe that completely reinvents the wheel that its older brother started. It’s merely building off what we saw previously, just like a lot of sneaker lines in today’s industry try to do. The new version features a new print pattern on the upper, as well as a mid-foot strap that wraps around the heel, something you see quite often with trainers for Nike.

Despite that graphic along the upper, the first Flight Flex Trainer felt a little more noisy. This one? It keeps the design to a minimum, which should make it a favorite among people trying to look fly at the gym.

There’s a sneaker for every situation this summer, from pool parties to the movies to reunions to basketball. The Jordan Flight Flex Trainer 2 can be that for your gym time. Cop now and see why.

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