The New Jordan Eclipse Is Hitting the Streets at the Perfect Time

The new Jordan Eclipse has officially released at Champs Sports and we have to admit that it’s coming at the perfect time. After seeing how well the Jordan Future did — the Jordan Brand‘s most recent foray into lifestyle shoe products — there was no doubt we’d be getting something else in 2015. And with April here, this shoe is coming at the perfect time for summer.

Whereas basketball performance sneakers once dominated the culture, in 2015 it’s more and more about lifestyle products, stripped-down shoes that can function as something we can comfortably wear every day, in any situation. One-piece uppers are all the rage right now, in part because they allow the consumer more customization options and the ability to cater and individualize their personal look. It’s not always about the new LeBron James sneaker or even the new Air Jordan retro. Those still matter, of course, but the market has made room for shoes like the Nike Roshe Run and the adidas Flux and Tubular. Those models have changed the game over the last few years and when you look at the Eclipse, you can see the resemblance. In fact, the Eclipse often looks like a long-lost twin.

This new obsession with lifestyle shoes can be partially traced back to Kanye West. But some of it is just the natural evolution of the game. Considering how far ahead of the game they’ve always been with the Michael Jordan signature line, it’s no wonder the Jordan Brand wanted to dive into this. With summer around the corner, get yourself prepared early.

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Jordan Eclipse

Jordan Eclipse