A New Era Exclusive: An Air Jordan Chicago Bulls Hat Pack

Anyone growing up in the 1990s can remember…actually, forget that. Anyone growing up at any point over the last 30-plus years can remember the days of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and the Chicago Bulls. They were icons, larger than life in every sense of the word. They won six championships in eight years, and the only two they didn’t win in 1994 and 1995 were partly because Mike left to play baseball.

In 1991, they absolutely shredded the NBA Playoffs, sweeping the two-time defending champion Pistons and then rocking the Lakers three times on their own floor to win the title. In 1992, they repeated against Portland, a team people had been saying was their equal for years. In 1993, they did something no one had done in years by three-peating. The ’96 team might have been the greatest one ever, and the squads of the following two years continued to hold off advances from other Eastern and Western Conference powers. You get my drift. They were pretty good.

Leave it up to New Era to provide the perfect way to honor that legacy as we head into warm weather. Today at Champs Sports, they are releasing a special New Era Original, an Air Jordan and Chicago Bulls retro hat pack. It will consist of six exclusive caps featuring six retro designs, all of them playing off of a specific sneaker. The team’s authenticity and impact in the Windy City will be felt through a multitude of screen prints, reflective logos, and iconic prints.

Most Jordan collectors will notice the specific sneaker inspirations right away, but in case not, the Air Jordan XX9 hat features the same iconic elephant print across the face that’s found along the upper of the launch colorway. The Jordan XI hat includes the same typeface used on the heel of the sneaker, as well as a glossy, leather brim to match the XI’s incredible use of patent leather. The hats representing both the III and IV both features materials used on these sneakers, as well as bills showcasing the detailing (elephant print for the III) that made the silhouettes so far ahead of their time. Finally, the Air Jordan XIII was famous for the unique reflective material used in the upper and the corresponding hat here mimics that, while the VII “Hare” sported a number of unique colors that all find their way into both the bill and Bulls logo.

As we’re now firmly entrenched in spring, make sure you’re out flossing and cooling out with some sick new hats from New Era.

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New Era Air Jordan Hat Box

New Era Air Jordan Hat Box