Floral Caps Are Back in the Game Again, Thanks to New Era

Floral prints have played a huge role in hip-hop’s history, but in 2015 they are officially back in style, thanks to New Era. Releasing today at Champs Sports, this cap collection is going to be big this spring. Why? Well, we’ve been seeing floral patterns casually and cautiously infiltrate mainstream pop culture over the last half decade, first in sneakers like Kevin Durant‘s “Aunt Pearl” collection and then later in clothes. Now it’s transitioned to headgear.

It’s only natural that fashion would eventually shift to this degree. During the early-to-mid 1990s, if you weren’t rocking a fitted and some Timberlands — as well as clothes big enough to fit your whole family in — you weren’t up on game. (Believe me, I was right in the middle of it. I STILL can’t fit into my sweatshirts and jeans that I used to wear in middle school.) Fitted caps eventually became snapbacks and now look where we are? In 2015, where it’s all about expressing yourself through your style, individual creativity is at an all-time high; people want to look different and unique. We’ve done a complete 180 since the “golden age” of hip-hop by embracing fashion over looking hard.

At the beginning of every year you see old established fads fading out and new ones stepping up into the limelight. This year is no different. Keep your game on lock and impress the honeys with this new look from New Era. And if you’re still not into floral caps, then let New Era convince you with this new collection.

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