NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving on His PSD Signature Collection and Being a Leader of the New School

If Kyrie Irving were simply a basketball robot capable of scoring 57 and 55 points, as he did last season on San Antonio and Portland respectively, that would probably be enough. There aren’t many out there with his playmaking talents. But in 2015, where players build brands and embrace social media on the regular, becoming a star of this magnitude takes more. Irving already has the game. He has the spotlight. He has the team. He has the style. He has the sneaker. And now he has the underwear.

Kyrie Irving is introducing his own collection with PSD, a signature line of premium underwear that’ll be versatile enough to wear on the court and off of it. Available at Champs Sports and featuring designs that range from galaxy print to even flamingo, Irving’s look will let you wear your life with each pair telling a new story about you.

With so many NBA players branching out across style and apparel, it only made sense for someone to eventually conquer underwear. Irving, the 3-time All-Star, is a perfect candidate.

For the latest episode of The Drop video series, we caught up with Irving in Miami to talk about why his PSD underwear collection is going to stand out above the rest and what it’s like to be a leader of a new breed of players in the NBA.

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How’s your summer going?
It’s going well. Just enjoying my time off. We played for a long time, came up short but still enjoying my summer.

A lot of your fellow peers have branched out into style. Westbrook with his shades. Parsons and Wade with their socks. Did that have any impact on you going your own way with PSD?
Well, it was a unique situation, honestly. I got the chance to play with one of the best people, all time, in my book with Mike Miller, who partnered with the brand at first and he kind of brought me along slowly. He started giving me product. Then we reached out to the brand and got a deal done and now we’re trying to change the underwear game. I’m glad that I could be at the forefront of that and be one of their leading guys to grow the game globally.

You’re definitely one of the leaders of this new generation in the NBA with so much style. How much of that are you incorporating that into your PSD line? And how often are you connecting with the PSD line to help the designs?
One, it was an easy choice. What they’re doing and what they have in stock already, it fits my style. It’s very simple. But also it has a flair to it that makes it so unique. When you see it in stores, they’ll be that separation with how unique it is. I know the creative group they have behind it making all the designs; it was an easy choice for me to partner with them. I’m glad that we’re partners and getting this thing done.

I’ve been blessed to travel to a lot of places and take in a lot of inspiration from a lot of different things. I was born in Australia and that right there…I went over there about two years ago. Different places playing for USA or traveling different places, I’ve seen a ton of things that I bring back to my creative group and give them my inspiration, what’s on my mind and get it done, and we halfway with what we want to do with the creative mindset for my underwear. It’s a great 50/50 deal.

Kyrie Irving PSD

Outside of that creative look, what else makes PSD different from the rest?
I think the biggest difference for me is really how comfortable it is. I don’t think that in my short 23-year-old life that I’ve had more comfortable underwear and I truly mean that. That stems from when I’m actually giving product to my family or friends, I tell them that there are other brands out there who say they have the most comfortable underwear but I’m telling you that once you put these on not only will you fall in love with the design but also how comfortable they are. You’re going to want to wear them all the time. That’s just my personal perspective.

When they say, “wear your life,” what does that mean for you? What does that include?
For me, if I was wearing my own personal life I would definitely include a group of instruments, different movie titles because I’m a big movie guy, different musicals, everything that would probably have nothing to do with basketball because basketball is what I do. It’s not who I am. There’s a life outside of that that I truly take advantage of. I would probably have stick figures of my family doing some crazy expressions on my underwear or something like that. Something crazy that would be a true description of me. I don’t fit the norm at all of an NBA basketball player or an athlete. My mind is just going a million miles per hour all the time so I would probably have a lot of stuff all on one pair of underwear and it would look crazy. But it would represent me, though.

Do you have a favorite pair?
For me, my favorite pair of PSDs are the Laser Cats and the Galaxys. I have about three pairs of the Laser Cats that I try to rotate as much as I can. (Laughs) Those are my favorite pair.

How did this come about, you connecting with PSD?
I first connected with Mike Miller, but the brand itself I had been wearing for a few years. It was a style that I wanted to be a part of. It was a brand that I wanted to be a part of, more than just wearing it. It was an easy choice. Our groups met…I don’t want to say we got it done. It was more or less a friendship. Our groups met up and it turned from a friendship into a great business deal because now we had two sides where I’m representing a generation I’m a part of, not only with my Kyrie 1s that I have out but also with the style that I represent, and also my game speaks for itself. I want to tie in all of that. Coming into the underwear business, I had no idea what it was like but it was so easy when you have a great like PSD. They make your life a lot easier. You are wearing your life on your boxers and you can put anything you desire on them, what you want to represent on your boxers. I’m not saying I want everyone to go outside and just wear straight boxers. But when you put them on, I want you to feel like you’re wearing something that represents you or something that you can connect with.

Is this going to be a premium product? Or something for just on the court?
It’s a wearable product. You can wear it any time, wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing at any moment. But I think what separates PSD is that it has its premium feel, whether there are graphics on it or anything like that, it’s still going to maintain its true core value and that’s being comfortable for everyone. Who wants an uncomfortable pair of underwear? I think they’re definitely wearable and it’s going to keep its premium fit.

Have you ever hooked up your teammates on the Cavs?
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s great to see guys wearing product months after you give it to them. I think that resonates with me a lot more now that I’m one of the leaders with the brand. It’s great to see. It’s the same emotion that I have with my shoe because it’s a representation of PSD but also me and our partnership. Seeing other top athletes, especially on the Cavs, wearing it is great.

That’s awesome. Have you gone up against anyone in the NBA wearing your signature sneakers yet?
(Laughs) I have. I have. And those moments, they’re a little weird at first because I was actually one of those guys before but I never really wore other people’s signature shoes. But now I’m on the other end of having my own signature line of sneakers. It’s awesome. Still weird, though, but it’s more incentive for me to go out there and give them the business.

How often do you wear them and what else is in your rotation right now?
There’s not much else in my rotation right now. I think that anyone can agree with this if they have their own sneaker, they want to see their product on themselves as much as possible. For me, there’s also a selfishness that I have about my sneakers but also a selfishness to grow it amongst other people so I’ve gifted…I don’t know how many people but people who have had an effect on not only my career but on me as a person, I made sure that they got my signature shoe, and as well I want them to have my signature underwear. It’s just the way I am and what I represent. I come from many different places, so all of these people that have helped me along the way, including PSD and Nike, I try to give to everyone that’s helped me.

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