NBA Stylist @SheGotGame on Keeping the Fit Fresh in the Cold Weather

Believe it or not, when the snow piles up and smog and dirt mars everything, there’s still hope of keeping it clean. All it takes is a little switch-up.

Don’t lose your swagger once the weather folds. There are strategic ways of getting around the cold and still preserving a sense of style, and as Megan Ann Wilson (@SheGotGame) says, the main thing is layering. An expert in streetwear fashion, Wilson is a stylist for some of your favorite NBA players. Growing up in Canada, she got used to the cold by working in layers.

“I think it’s just a matter of looking at your summer/spring shoe closet and be like, ‘What am I willing to bring in or can I buy something that kind of mimics what I already wear?'” Wilson says. “Like I wear Timbs throughout the season, all year; it just depends on what color I’m going to wear. I have a pair of black ones that, you know, are 50 shades of grey now because of all the snow and the rain and because it’s inevitable. Especially in New York, you can have a beautiful snowy day when you wake up and within a couple of hours, it’s going to be dirty, slushy, messy, and disgusting. You kind of have to be ready and prepare for it.”

While it’s pretty easy to pour insurmountable layers over yourself (maybe wise as well), what works best for @SheGotGame, especially during those initial months of autumn and winter, is a combination of thin layers. You also want to start paying attention to what fabrics you wear. You can switch a cotton T-shirt to a warmer blend with wool or other insulating fabrics, and instead of wearing chinos you can opt for sweatpant material or layer up underneath a thinner pant by wearing higher socks. Thanks to Kanye West and Haider Ackermann, Velour tracksuits are making a favorable comeback but you can get the same look for a fraction of the price of the top-tier fashion brands.

“A lot of brands are doing their spin on it, so it’s more accessible,” Wilson says. “You can get Champion and Jordan fleece and crewnecks that are still tailored and have a decent amount of stretch without looking crumpled and you can wear that with some more-fitted pants. I think a wool jogger is something that’s really great or a mixed fabric because wool sometimes can be too itchy and then pairing it with a winterized sneakerboot; Timberland is a good way to keep warm and still not look like you’re dressing for the winter apocalypse.”

Wilson also admits that overcoats are something both sexes have really embraced this winter, “especially that kind of camel-colored coat and white sneakers look. That’s kind of the trend at the moment in menswear. You can still layer a bomber jacket or something like that underneath, so when you go out, you take your overcoat off, you’re still warm.”

More than just racking up music points, Canada’s also at the forefront of a lot of cool fashion trends.

“I know in Canada it’s definitely kind of spread, sort of the layered crewneck look,” Wilson says. “Jordan did it this past season and now it really is kind of spreading all over. Canadian brands like Reigning Champ have really pushed that elevated sweat look; it’s warm, cozy, and still tailored so it doesn’t look too far like you’re just wearing a sweatsuit out in public.”

It’s always important to have a good pair of kicks but when the real freeze starts, the question becomes when is it appropriate to hang up your sneaks for a trusted, never-failing weather boot like a pair Timbs? Brands like Nike do a good job winterizing some of their regular silhouettes, like the Nike Air Huarache Sneakerboot, so you can still mimic some of your warmer weather style. If you do go with the same sneakers you did in the summer, realize they’ll take a beating. In fact, you should embrace it.

“You have to be willing to suffer the consequences,” Wilson says. “I wear my IIIs like they’re rain boots or late into the winter because I like how they get beat up and worn in.”

Also, there’s a reason why your grandmother knitted (or at least gifted you) some wool socks every winter. A pair of socks, like the Stance Socks you see killing the game right now, is a good way to stylize your outfit even in the winter when it’s all about their functional aspect.

Wilson says, “You don’t want to be wearing no-show socks when you know it’s going to snow all day. You’re going to get all that slush, and you’re going to get cold. Wet socks in nice shoes is probably one of the worst feelings ever; it goes up your spine and into your brain and you’re just like, ‘No. I’m done; I can’t do anything else today until I change my socks and get dry shoes on.’”

When all else fails, when the weather outside provides no hope for staying clean…then it just might be time for the old outfit change.

“Sometimes when I go out or if I have an event, obviously a lot of women do this if they have to switch to heels from sneakers, but having something to change into is the perfect solution,” @SheGotGame says. “If it’s super disgusting out and if you don’t want to ruin what you wear and you know there’s a coat check at the event, I wouldn’t be scared to swap out your boots for something else; that’s just another way to do it and you don’t have to be the guy that’s tracking puddles.”

The cold doesn’t have to put a hold on your hustle. Like Jay Z once said, and I’m sure Wilson would agree, you better make short-term goals when the weather folds to ensure you’re ready.

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