Mitchell & Ness Is Dropping a “Static” Snapback Collection

Mitchell & Ness continues to kill the game right now. After just dropping a new snapback collection for the NBA, one that featured all black caps and team-colored hats with ultra-big logos and vibrant colors, they are coming back again with yet another snapback collection. The “Static” drop will feature NBA caps with intricate designs and white team logos, another edition at Champs Sports in what has been a long and fruitful summer, at least in terms of snapback collections.

While I will always ride for the Lakers as long as Kobe is playing, my favorite hat from this group has to be the Charlotte Hornets snapback. That colorway is bonkers, and always will be. Teal and purple is killer, and though the new logo isn’t necessarily what longstanding fans of the team originally wanted, it’s definitely something I’d rock on Instagram all day long. The purple brim just puts it over the top.

I’m certain the Warriors and Cavaliers hats will also be trending. I can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a Stephen Curry fan or someone who has jumped onto the Cleveland bandwagon. Then there’s the Chicago snapback with the red brim. The grey and red is a perfect mix and should go well with whatever you’re rocking these days.

Having some snapbacks ready for school this year should be at the top of everyone’s list and this latest snapback collection is coming just in time. It’s set to shut it down for all of you cats out there going hard for Back to School. Have it all, Mitchell & Ness.

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