Major League Baseball’s Biggest Sneakerheads

  • Adam Jones
    8. Adam Jones


    Yeah, you can follow Adam for all of his insane #foodporn images — and trust us, some of those look too good to be true — but the dude still brings some serious heat as well. He’s worn PEs to honor Jackie Robinson, and Jones was on the all-red tip before just about anyone else. You gotta get points for that.

    He’s like Michael Jordan in one regard: He had a pair of his game day shoes/cleats banned from play.

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  • Dee Gordon
    7. Dee Gordon


    “I’d say playing basketball helped make me a sneakerhead,” L.A.’s Dee Gordon told SLAM in 2012. “There were some pretty great shoes to wear when I was playing. I wore Jordans growing up. I used to go to school in Jordan shorts, tees and kicks. I’m also a big Nike guy.”

    Not only is the infielder one of the fastest athletes in ANY sport — let alone just baseball — he also showcases a deep knowledge of sneakers. Now with Under Armour, the speedster is still showing out.

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  • Brian Wilson
    6. Brian Wilson

    The last guy you’d probably expect to be a sneakerhead, right? He just seems too weird to be into this stuff, although then again, all shoe collectors are a little strange in the head.

    Wilson, like Jones, is a part of the “banned” sneaker club, and actually one-upped everyone by using a Sharpie to do what he had to in order to wear the shoes on the field. That’s dedication. He used to also routinely wear Nike Air Max 90 and 95 iDs. But his crowning achievement is definitely being the first to wear the 2011 Nike Air Mags in public.

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  • Air Jordan 12 PE
    5. Jimmy Rollins


    One of MLB’s OG sneaker aficionados, Rollins has been killing it on the field since 2000 as one of Jordan’s most visible athletes. The shortstop has been rocking custom 12s for years, and this year he one-upped himself by rocking a black and pink pair for Mother’s Day.

    Earlier this season, Rollins might’ve unleashed his best PEs yet with an all-red Air Jordan 13. Even at 35 years old, he still has swag.

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  • Air Jordan 3
    4. Jon Jay


    The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder is another underrated sneakerhead. He certainly has good taste considering his favorite Jordan is the Aqua 8 and his favorite pair of Nikes are the South Beach 8s. That’s solid.

    Jay is stunting all over the ‘gram, too, with a bunch of Foams, Flyknits, and LeBron 11s. This dude loves the color red and that certainly makes him hip in 2014.

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  • Nike Air Penny 2
    3. Jeremy Guthrie


    As Guthrie says, 98 percent of his collection is Jordan. You can’t fault a guy for that, especially when he has OG Air Jordan 4s and OG Concord 11s. But Guthrie also brings the heat when it comes to Nike Basketball as he is a big fan of Charles Barkley‘s line. He has some incredible baseball cleat PEs, too.

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  • Air Jordan 6
    2. Shane Victorino


    The Red Sox outfielder is a favorite at The Drop for his incredible sneaker collection. He constantly gets laced with customs from sneaker artists like Mache, and probably combines legit Jordans with amazing, one-of-one PEs better than anyone else across the league.

    Just watch him do it for the ‘gram. Dude is always bringing the heat, even going so far as to rock the Oregon Ducks Air Jordan 5.

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  • Nike Air Yeezy 2
    1. Pedro Alvarez


    Victorino might be the reigning champ in baseball when it comes to sneakers, but he has more than he can handle in the form of Pittsburgh’s 27-year-old third baseman Pedro Alvarez. This dude has it all, from Jordan PEs to the Red Octobers (seen above) to originals Jordans.

    The All-Star has the vaunted double-double among sneakerheads. Not only does he have the dope stuff that you inherently get when you’re a pro athlete, he also has the underground classics and the hard-to-get stuff that people like us spend years tracking down. When it comes to Major League Baseball, it’s hard to top Alvarez.

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  • Adam Jones
  • Dee Gordon
  • Brian Wilson
  • Air Jordan 12 PE
  • Air Jordan 3
  • Nike Air Penny 2
  • Air Jordan 6
  • Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October"

A few years back while living in Baltimore, I found out former Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie had a sneaker vault similar to the one Joe Johnson is so famous for. Naturally I was intrigued, not only because, let’s face it, a sneaker vault is freakin’ dope but also because you don’t often hear about baseball players with serious heat. On the field they wear cleats, and off of it? It’s a stereotype, but it just doesn’t feel like sneakers are a big part of baseball culture.

The NFL has a few big sneakerheads, in part because players regularly wear customs on the field and fans can get away with wearing a player’s trainers wherever they go. (Quarterbacks have a long history of sporting unique shoes.) That league has more than a handful of players who deserve their own signature shoes. And basketball, obviously, features players who go out of their way to rock the nicest, most rare shoes you’ll ever see. But in Major League Baseball, you don’t expect to find dudes with legit sneaker knowledge, let alone collections that’ll make your mouth drop.

Guthrie proved himself as a major sneakerhead with all sorts of incredible Air Jordans in his vault, so he’ll naturally be a big part of this list. But as a true sneakerhead — dude was rocking some Toro IVs when he went on a recent Arizona Cardinals ESPN pregame show — he’s not alone on the diamond. With the regular season finished and the playoffs getting intense, concentrate on something other than ERA or RBI. Here are Major League Baseball’s Biggest Sneakerheads.

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