Last Minute Stocking Gifts That Everyone Needs

  • Digital Ink Nike Elite Crew Sock (KD/LeBron)

    For all of the ballers out there consistently on their grind, playing in the gym day after day, you need to take care of your feet. That doesn’t end with the kicks, either. You need some good socks. Well these ones, designed for LeBron and Kevin Durant, are perfect. Add in some dope colorways and designs and you’ll be feeling comfortable and flossing. You can’t beat that.

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  • New Era NFL Sport Knit hats

    These hats seem to show up on all our lists. For good reason. They are fly and actually do the job when it comes to keeping you warm in the winter. With so many different teams available right now, you can pick and choose your swag.

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  • Nike College Warp Fan gloves
    Nike College Warp Fan gloves

    Looking to rep your college squad to the fullest? Then you need a pair of these bad boys, which will do wonders for your swag whether you’re actually playing on the field or just chilling in the stands. Everyone from Texas to Florida is available at Champs, but we’re always partial to the Ducks.

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  • Champs Shoe Care (Cleaner and Protectant)

    If you have any experience wearing ill sneakers in the winter months then you know it’s difficult to keep them clean. The weather is just too nasty. With that being said, take steps this holiday season to give yourself a shot at keeping them crispy. Head into any Champs Sports store and cop their cleaner and protectant. It’ll do wonders on your sneakers and, at least for anyone who loves kicks, is the perfect finishing touch for someone’s wish list.

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  • Gift Card
    gift card

    And if all else fails you can always cop a gift card. Who doesn’t love a gift card? This is the perfect stocking gift, especially at this time of the year when there are so many awesome new sneaker and clothing releases, as well as some of the year’s best stuff on sale.

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  • Nike College Warp Fan gloves
  • Gift Card

Every year around this time, it’s easy to overlook the stockings. The holiday are about big presents and new sneakers and hitting up the malls and shopping centers to cop the really cool stuff that you missed out on all year. That’s all true. But it shouldn’t be done at the expense of the smaller things, the finer things.

No one ever makes up a wish list for their stocking, and while that’s probably part of the reason why people overlook this, it’s also helpful. With no guidelines you can get as creative as you want.

Champs Sports has more than their fare share of solid holiday gifts for this year. From the new Jordan Spizike — returning in traditional Bulls colors — to the best colorway yet — the “Blackout” — of the Air Jordan XX9 to even a collection of fleece and cuff pants, this is your one-stop place for anything you need to up your swag or cop as a gift.

We all can probably remember that one gift we got that one time as a youngster that was just absolutely perfect. Maybe it was a new Michael Jordan jersey, like it was for me back in the day. Maybe it was a new basketball or a new NFL video game. Or maybe it was even something like a poster or a sports card collection. Times and generations change, but in the end we all have that common theme and can relate to one another in that way.

No one ever seems to remember what you pull out of your stockings but sometimes that can be the most gratifying stuff of all. Here are Last Minute Stocking Gifts That Everyone Needs.

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