Lance Fresh and 10 Other Young Style Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram in 2016

  • @jacobjkeller

    Jacob Keller // @JacobJKeller

    Still in his early 20s, Jacob has already stamped himself as a Jordan guru because of his tenure at Jordan Brand. Don’t sleep on Jacob because his Instagram (and more importantly, his YouTube) will change your life.

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  • @Juicegee

    Jessica Gavigan // @Juicegee

    For the ladies out there, Yung Juice will make your style go from 0 to 100 real quick. Plus, her hat game is serious.

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  • Dennis Todisco Nike Air Force 1


    Dennis Todisco // @dennistodisco

    The man behind Hand Over Fist Consulting has had his face plastered on HypeBeast, Karmaloop, and more because he knows how to dress. Follow him and then post some fire #Outfitgrid pics to see if you can get on his good side.

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  • ninpoi PUMA


    Nicole Desiree // @ninpoi

    Don’t sleep on this self-professed gamer nerd. She knows how to make PUMA look amazing with her impeccable taste, mixing street styles with formal looks almost effortlessly. Anything she wears looks clean–whether it’s sporty styles for summer or layered winter gear. Recently, she’s been a big fan of the Creeper from Rihanna and PUMA and almost never takes them off.

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  • @Dylan_Ratner

    Dylan Ratner // @Dylan_Ratner

    Why do we appreciate Dylan? Because his Jordan collection is out of this world and he knows how to make them look perfect with anything. He’s also unique in that almost all of his sneakers are probably older than you are…and still in amazing condition.

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  • Air Jordan 4 White Cement kickstq


    Tareq Q // @kickstq

    Fresh from Kuwait, TQ’s penchant for Yeezy-themed heat and dope overall aesthetic is why he’s here. His presence and rich knowledge of streetwear is why he’ll stay here.

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  • Nike Air Presto atothebed


    Anna Bediones // @atothebed

    Another female for the ladies to check is Anna Bediones. She makes it look so easy because of her affinity for running shoes and effortless style. Yeah, she does write for us but so what? We can be homers. Everything about her feed is clean and crisp.

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  • Nike Air Force 1 bull1trc


    Christian Bright // @bull1trc

    Besides dropping dope videos on YouTube, Bright has shown he’s equally adept at putting together a nice outfit. He’s someone who looks fly in normal wear, without always spending a lot of money on designer clothes, and in a sense that makes him someone the “normal” sneakerhead can emulate. School is in session, and Mr. Bright is helping lead the class.

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  • @lala.rita

    Lala Rita // @lala.rita

    She’s an international beast and Yeezy collector. The thing that makes Lala a standout from the crowd is that she can pull off any look–casual, street hypebeast, upscale–and make it look effortless.

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  • @marcjoshveloso

    Maj Veloso // @marcjoshveloso

    A streetwear enthusiast hailing from the Philippines, this cat’s feed looks like the flyest look book you’ve ever seen. His ability to mix different flavors within every outfit is unique and it’s something you might not even notice until you break down each one piece by piece. As he’s put it in the past: “your sneakers ain’t sh*t if you don’t wear em with style.”

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  • Dennis Todisco Nike Air Force 1
  • ninpoi PUMA
  • Air Jordan 4 White Cement kickstq
  • Nike Air Presto atothebed
  • Nike Air Force 1 bull1trc

While many would relish being called “Fresh,” NBA TV correspondent and sports lifestyle host Lance Fresh doesn’t have to worry.

“Since, I was young–probably around 15, 16, or even before that–my mom was always into style,” he says. “So I was always into fashion. I would always have the latest J’s, every jersey, and Coogis back then. So they used to always call me ‘Fresh.'”

With over 22,000 Instagram followers, Fresh’s name is ubiquitous in NBA circles because of his fashion savvy and great interviews with the likes of LeBron James, Blake Griffin, and Dwyane Wade. While those names would make any NBA aficionado’s mouth dribble, Lance Fresh isn’t at all phased by his hosting duties for NBA TV. Unless, of course, you mention Kobe Bryant.

“I grew up a Kobe fan,” he says with elation. “So that interview was different. That was like my idol growing up. So with him, it was more of me being a fan. That’s probably the only NBA player I can actually sit here and say that I’ve interviewed that I’m legit a fan of. When I’m with Kobe, it’s different. He was like my dad growing up.”

A lot of people latch onto Lance Fresh not only because of his seamless interviews with star athletes, but because of how he puts his gear together. That’s one of the reasons why he’s one of the young style enthusiasts everyone should be checking in 2016. With a style he describes as comfortable, the 28-year-old Brooklyn native credits his hometown for grooming him into the fashion savant he is today. He says, “In hip-hop, we’ve looked up to Jay Z. We’ve looked up to Fab and those guys…especially Jay Z. He was such a huge influence on style in music and life period. I think with growing up in New York and in Brooklyn, it kind of showed me that you have to be ready to change with the time and keep up because it’s not just one note.”

When Fresh isn’t interviewing your favorite hooper, he’s actually on the hardwood himself chasing down loose balls and dropping threes at your nearest gym. He spent parts of the past year playing in the Nike Kobe X Elite. Right now, his weapon of choice is the Under Armour Curry Two.

“It’s crazy because growing up,” he says, “Under Armour wasn’t really crazy in basketball and now they’re huge. They’re just comfortable. I like the support and they’re lightweight.”

As much of the country grapples with the cold this winter, Lance Fresh is rocking casual go-to shoes like the adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Air Force 1 Highs, as well as Roscoe boots.

“Like the actual army boots,” he explains. “I wear those a lot.”

Not everyone is bathing in money, but according to Fresh, that doesn’t mean your style can’t be great in 2016. While he does have high-end sneakers like the latest exclusive Jordans and Yeezys, he recognizes there’ll always be a place in every rotation for what he calls “character shoes.”

“Those are shoes that you can actually beat up,” Fresh says. “Air Force Ones are always classic. The Stan Smith is a shoe that you can actually get away with beating up and rocking. Like I said, I’m rocking those Roscoe Boots. They’re easily the cheapest pair of shoes that I have, because they’re boots. But I wear them more than anything else in my closet.”

With a keen eye to rising brands, Lance Fresh believes some of the best, like Tackma, will get a boost from NBA support and also expects flight jackets (popular in the fall) will become popular again when the playoffs start and the demand increases. Once LeBron or Chris Paul or J.R. Smith starts rocking your fits, there’s nowhere to go but up. Fresh even has plans to get his feet wet in the designer department. Recently, he teamed up with Temples & Bridges for a collaboration of frames releasing toward the end of January.

At the head of his style class, Lance Fresh is preparing to cause tremors in style in 2016, but he isn’t the only cool cat coming up in the game. To keep your ‘gram feed lit, we put together some young trendsetters who are on the cusp of doing big things as part of a class that might not be on everyone’s follow list right now, but will be before long. This is Lance Fresh and 10 Other Young Style Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram in 2016.

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