Icon: L.A.’s KR Is Ready to Blow Up

You can look at previous Icons and what you’ll find is a slew of rising artists from Los Angeles. Azad Right. Felly. The Game. I swear this isn’t on purpose, just a lot of good music has been coming out of L.A. recently. As you might guess, this week’s Icon, KR, is another L.A. artist who is claiming this spot at The Drop.

This 19-year-old grew up in a single-parent household with his mother. KR explains that it worked out for the best, at one point saying, “I had to learn a lot on my own, including how to be a man. Without a father figure present in my life, I feel that I made the best of the situation and in turn, this self-knowledge coupled with my mother’s support, made me a better man.”

Who knows, I think it made his music better too. KR has used his music as a creative outlet that has incorporated the influences of his childhood environment without letting those same influences take over his music. Our good friends over at Complex recently premiered his latest project, I$0LYF3 3. KR describes it as: “(I) meaning me, ($) money, (0) his small circle, and I spell (LYF3) purposely because life is filled with lies, failure, and experiences.” If that isn’t enough to get an idea of what this dude is about, you need to check the project out.

I’m not the only one who has noticed KR’s skill. About a year ago KR was actually offered an interview with Sway via Skype and chose to take the interview over going to work that day. Did he get fired from his job? Yes. But was it worth it? That answer is also yes — he was commended by Schoolboy Q and Vic Mensa for the decision to come on the show during the broadcast. Pretty safe to say he’s come quite the distance since then.

Now onto the young artist’s style. For the most part it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but that’s said with a grain of salt. It’s really KR’s look, combined with his spontaneous — while at the same time serious and focused — attitude that makes him so unique. He chooses not to wear logos on most of the t-shirts, jeans/pants, and snapbacks that are constantly in his rotation. On his feet, KR opts for the retro product and low-top casual kicks.

Be on the lookout for KR. You can expect an upcoming tour and new music. In the meantime, check out his latest project and see if you agree with the Chance the Rapper comparisons.

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