Kevin Durant’s Most Unstoppable Clutch Moves

  • Kevin Durant
    The 3-Point Pull-Up

    This must have been the moment when Drake decided he was going to take things into his own hand and recruit Kevin Durant to come join him in Toronto. Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. You are up two with 8.8 seconds to go, at home in double overtime, the only thing you cannot do is let the best shooter in world pull up from 3-point land.

    Even though this was just a regular season game it had to have been one of the toughest losses in recent history for the Raptors. If you are the coach in this situation you tell your team to double or triple-team Durant and whatever happens do not give up a three-pointer. I guess that is why they are Raptors. In a blink of an eye, you go from winning a grueling double OT game to losing on a last-second shot from KD.

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  • Kevin Durant
    The Final Shot

    Man, did KD make up for a bad defensive play or what? The announcer, Mike Fratello, says it best: “You cannot leave your man in a two-point game. Go to overtime, that’s fine.” Maybe he should have been coaching the Raptors when KD hit that double overtime winner.

    But, boy, did Kevin Durant make up for that defensive mistake. The entire world knew that the ball was going to be in Durant’s hands, yet Dallas couldn’t do anything about it. Giving up a 28-foot three pointer up one point isn’t the worst option, but c’mon you cannot let Durant shoot the ball. Any potential game-winning attempt is a shot that you should never give KD.

    Vince Carter and the Mavericks silenced the home crowd, had all of the momentum on their side and still let the best shooter in the world get the ball. Mark Cuban, you should be ashamed of your team.

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  • Kevin Durant
    The Game-Changer

    Think about this scenario for a second. Your team is in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs down 0-1, heading back home for Game 3, up five points with 14 seconds to go in Game 2. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen on the court? Giving up a 4-point play.

    In all fairness, Kevin Durant hit a ridiculous corner three off of a broken play, but that is still no excuse. It’s like being on the 1-yard line and committing a stupid penalty. The Grizzlies were basically on the plane home back to Memphis tied 1-1 in the series. Then all of sudden they have the ball down one, with Durant and the fans back in it. Luckily for the Grizzlies they went on to win this game and the four-point play didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

    A simple message to all NBA teams moving forward: Do not let Kevin Durant take a game-winning 3-pointer, especially if you are going to foul him.

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  • The Runner

    There must be something about the Dallas Mavericks because Kevin Durant seems to hit some big shots against them. Maybe it is just that KD comes through in the clutch during playoff time. Either way, this is a game in which you cannot let Durant take the final shot.

    The Mavericks and Thunder are facing off in Game 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs and this game paints the attitude and success for your team the rest of the way. KD hit an extremely tough, awkward shot, fading sideways. OKC ended up making it to the Finals against some guy named LeBron James. But if this game-winner doesn’t drop, we could be talking about a much different scenario. Who knows if KD would have even made it out of the first round that year, let alone the NBA Finals?

    Again, as hard as it is to not let Durant take a shot in the final few seconds of a game, if you want to have a chance of winning that needs to happen. Let Westbrook, Ibaka, Lamb, Jackson or anyone take the final shot. Anybody but Durant. I don’t care how many players you have to use to cover Durant, do not allow that man to take a game-winning shot.

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  • The Come Up

    I’m watching a game-winning highlight with Kobe Bryant on the court and surprisingly enough, he is not the one to hit it.

    This is the type of shot you dream about. Counting down the last seconds of the game in the driveway — 6, 5, 4, 3 … and the crowd goes wild! Tied at 98-98 with 35 seconds to go, KD intercepts a pass from Pau Gasol, dribbles up the court to hold the ball for a potential final shot for the Thunder. Mind you, this is Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals against an experienced Lakers team led by Kobe Bryant.

    With five seconds left on the shot clock and Metta World Peace in his grill, KD pulls up from 3-point land and sinks one of the biggest shots of his career. A smooth killer. The Thunder went on to win the game and the series thanks to the great play of KD.

    The theme of this article is pretty simple: Do not let Kevin Durant take a game-winning shot, no matter where he is on the court.

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  • Kevin Durant
  • Kevin Durant
  • Kevin Durant

Ever since the Seattle Supersonics — now the Oklahoma City Thunder — drafted Kevin Durant with the second overall pick in the 2007 Draft, he has hit clutch shot after clutch shot. His superstar play has earned him five NBA All-Star appearances, four scoring championships, and a 2014 MVP trophy. The only way to win those accolades is by hitting “money” shots, the ones you practice growing up as young basketball stud.

KD has hit some crazy clutch shots in his seven-year career. Not only does he continue to hit these important shots for the Thunder, he makes them look easy. Pulling up from 25 feet with the game on the line is not an easy task.

With basketball success comes a boatload of money. And KD has been swimming in this money for quite some time. The Texas Longhorn alumni has endorsement deals with Sprint, Skullcandy, Kind Snacks, and most importantly Nike after they outbid Under Armour with a contract that could be worth anywhere from $265 million to $300 million over the next decade. With Nike, Durant has been killin’ the sneaker game, especially in the past year when his sneaker sales skyrocketed to $175 million, second only to LeBron James ($300 million).

In honor of Durant’s history of hitting important shots, Nike has decided to release the KD7 “Easy Money” colorway, dropping this Wednesday at Champs Sports. (Well, not exactly. The “Easy Money” moniker might fit Durant as a nickname but the sneaker is inspired by Ben Franklin, the guy on the $100 bill. He has a little bit of a history with electricity, as does Kevin Durant and his sneakers.) Be sure to cop yours at Champs Sports on September 10.

In honor of “Easy Money,” here are Kevin Durant’s Most Unstoppable Clutch Moves.

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