Kevin Durant’s Most Important Sneakers Ever

  • Nike KD 6
    KD VI "NYC 66" / Nike Zoom KD III "Team Red"/"Del Sol"

    Durant owned the lockout-riddled summer of 2011 by appearing at pickup games across the country and his crowning moment came when he dropped 66 at the Rucker. Durant’s first and only appearance at the famed park is the stuff legends are made of and Nike smartly dropped a KD VI to commemorate the moment. The VI, of course, wasn’t out yet and Durant dropped the 66 while wearing the Washington Redskins-inspired KD III Team Red/Del Sol.

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  • Nike KD 6 Supreme
    KD VI Supreme "DC Pre-Heat"

    The aggressive “DC Pre-Heat” sent sneakerheads into a frenzy with its intricate design. Featuring a map of Maryland intertwined in the shoe’s reflective stripes, this edition of the VI is still highly sought-after and is currently a stamp of approval for anyone lucky enough to show it off on IG.

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  • Nike KD IV
    KD IV "Nerf"

    The holy grail of KDs, the “Nerf” is one of the rare Nike collabs that featured not only a eye-popping look but also genius packaging. The sneaker came with its own customized Nerf hoop and was in super-high demand during its weekend drop. When the University of Texas hoops team took the court rocking the “Nerf,” it proved that it’s nice to have friends in high places.

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  • Nike KD 2
    KD II "Creamsicle"

    The “Creamsicle” version of the KD II was one of the first editions of the KD to truly move the needle in the sneaker world. They hype behind the “Creamsicle” led to sellouts across the country and when the entire Thunder team wore the sneaker to show support to KD, it only added to the intrigue of the shoe.

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  • Nike KD 4 Weatherman
    KD IV "Weatherman"

    Kevin Durant’s childhood aspirations of becoming a weatherman were sidelined when he went through a huge growth spurt and developed a deadly jumper, but Nike paid homage to the dream with the KD IV “Weatherman.” Widely regarded as the best of the best when it comes to the KD line, the “Weatherman” features dope storytelling and an even better color scheme. The sneaker is still sought after by many collectors.

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  • Nike KD 5
    KD V "What The KD"

    A super limited release, the “What The KD” KD V was the first “What The” version in the baller’s sig line. Thought to be a design that would never retail, the kick was released in a limited fashion and became one of the only Vs to garner heavy interest.

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  • Nike KD7


    KD7 "Global Game"

    The “Global Game” capitalized on the surge in popularity of red colorways and even though Durant didn’t suit up in the KD7 after he dropped from Team USA following Paul George’s devastating injury, the sleek look became popular in the streets and on the court.

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  • Nike KD 2
    KD II "All-Star"

    Worn during Durant’s first All-Star Game appearance, the sharpshooter dropped 15 points as the West fell to the East. Featuring a black strap across the forefront and a clean red and black colorway, the KD II is one of the best All-Star sneakers of the modern era. The All-Star edition of the KD II is in close contention with the Creamsicle II as the best of what the KD II has to offer.

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  • Nike KD 4
    KD IV "Galaxy"

    Nike’s Galaxy pack, which dropped in 2012, had sneakerheads selling everything short of their souls to get their hands on the Galaxy Foamposites, but the KD IVs were the underrated gems of the group. Released during All-Star Weekend in 2012, the Galaxy, along with the Nerf, goes down as one of the best looking–and most wanted–pairs of the IVs. Plus, with a $95 price point, these were easily the steal of the Galaxy pack.

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  • Nike KD7


    KD7 "Aunt Pearl"

    Since its debut with the KD 4, the Aunt Pearl edition of Durant’s sig is one of the best each year. The KD 7 version may be the best of the group with its angelic features and clean white colorway. With an angel wing for the strap, gold Nike check and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund logo on the heel, the sneaker is a classy tribute to the superstar’s late aunt.

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  • Nike KD 6 "66" Rucker Park
  • Nike KD 6 Supreme "Pre-Heat"
  • Nike KD IV "Nerf"
  • Nike KD 2 "Creamsicle"
  • Nike KD 4 Weatherman
  • Nike KD 5 "What The"
  • Nike KD7 "Global Game"
  • Nike KD 2 "All-Star"
  • Nike KD 4 "Galaxy"
  • Nike KD7 "Aunt Pearl"

Nike’s KD line has seen a remarkable transformation from one of the brand’s more underrated sneakers to one of its most popular. Capitalizing on the trend of crazy colorways and hitting the market with a new version of the signature sneaker at a rapid pace, Kevin Durant’s line has elevated to the top of the sneaker world sitting along the likes of fellow Nike athletes Kobe and LeBron. With the KD 8 now available–and the Nike KD 8 “Chevy Camaro” dropping tomorrow at Champs Sports–expect a new variety of hyped colorways to drop over the next year.

Durant’s line really started to pick up with the KD IV. While the KD I, II, and III had their moments, the KD IV took the Durant line to the next level thanks to its modest price point ($95!), creative colorways, and low-cut look. While the KD V, which went back to a high-top look, didn’t shake up the sneaker world after KD IV’s success, the line rebounded with the KD VI that made its mark not only in the NBA but on the college and high school level as kids flocked to the sneaker thanks to its NIKEiD options and plethora of exotic colorways. And finally, even though the KD7 faced its fair share of issues due to fitting problems on Durant, the shoe was a hit among sneakerheads through creative looks and colorways.

At just 26 years old, Durant is already eight signature looks deep and continues to raise the bar as the years go by. Durant will likely hit an insane 20 sig sneakers before it’s all said and done but before we look too far into the future, here’s a look back at some of Kevin Durant’s Most Important Sneakers Ever.

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