January’s Best #MyGameMondays Sneakers Pictures on Instagram

It’s hard to keep up with Instagram. It really is. No matter how hard you’re going, someone else is doing it harder. And though that has its negative side effects–cats scaling buildings to get the perfect sneaker shot, others cats burning, destroying, and painting premium sneakers–for the most part this social media platform has only helped elevate the culture surrounding shoe collectors. For once, everyone has a home where they can show off their kicks and not be ridiculed for it. In fact, they can be celebrated, connect with others like them, and see that their obsession with collecting isn’t something they’re alone with.

So, each month, we go through our feeds and attempt to highlight some of the very best who are using the #MyGameMondays hashtag, often finding some of the sickest shots of Nike, Jordan, adidas, and even Under Armour sneakers on the Internet. January was no different.

Everyone within sneaker culture is killing it on Instagram these days, from the random shoe collector next door, to the brands, to the celebrities. But for January, at least, these are the best of the best. Here are January’s Best #MyGameMondays Sneakers Pictures on Instagram.

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