Back to the Roots: The “Infrared” Nike Air Max 90 Must Be Copped

The Nike Air Max 90 is one of the greatest lifestyle sneakers ever made, a massive part of Nike‘s history that can’t be overlooked. It’s extremely popular, even 25 years after its original release. The “Infrared” version is the king daddy of them all. That’s partly because it was, in a sense, the original colorway, as it released after dozens of adjustments to get the red just right. In reality, the real original color was known as “Hyvent Orange.” It wasn’t an official “Infrared” colorway. But as things tend to happen over time with sneakers, things were changed and eventually it became what it is today.

Originally called the Air Max III when it first dropped in 1990, we didn’t see the design for another 12 years before it finally came back in a slightly altered “Mx Orange” accent color. The following year’s release, which was exclusive to Europe and Asia, was officially the first time we saw the almost finished, pink-like Infrared color. Since then, it has released in a number of different variations and now, it’s coming back yet again to Champs Sports. With the summer on the horizon and everyone on the look out for some dope lifestyle sneakers to wear out on these streets, the AM90 is an absolute must-cop.

So many old school sneakerheads love this shoe. So many folks who aren’t even sneakerheads love this shoe. It’s just a classic that can be worn with just about anything, and at any time. Cop and it’ll certainly add some flavor to your rotation this summer.

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