Icon: Young Thug’s (Life)Style Is Too Real

This week’s Icon is a 23-year-old Atlanta native who has had a last 12 months for the history books; in terms of how long this high road will last, well, that’s up to him and his fans. Young Thug’s hype during the past months, and his journey to becoming our Icon this week, began during the first week of last June with the release of two songs I’m sure you know every word to: “Lifestyle” (with Rich Homie Quan) and “About The Money” (with T.I.). Both songs just exploded and I’m confident are still being cycled around a few times a day on your local hip-hop radio station.

Young Thug was also featured on one of Travis Scott’s most popular tracks off his album Days Before Rodeo, titled “Mamacita” (again with Rich Homie Quan). Crazy track. But you know what’s crazier? The shows that Young Thug and past Icon Travis Scott have been putting on during their co-tour for the past few months. Check out the videos on La Flame’s Instagram. You know that “Mamacita” record I just mentioned? Take a look at Young Thug performing it and look how insane the crowd is.

If you can’t dig his music, you can certainly at least admire how well he can put on a show AND how fly he looks while doing it. Peep this photo below; it’s actually his Twitter icon picture (at the time of writing). You’d figure that whatever someone is wearing in their profile/Twitter icon is pretty representative of their style as a whole. In the case of Young Thug, such is the case. He’s rockin’ some cuffed denim, a thin white hoodie, and the Air Force 1 Mids. Classy, classic, and stylish. It’s hard to tell you what Young Thug will be wearing when he will be coming out for a show because he just has so much variety in his style, but denim is definitely a theme to expect, and he’s always rocking his double watches.

In closing, I hope you’ve had time to see Young Thug rock the stage in the past month or two, but regardless, keep your eyes open for new music and maybe take a few notes on his (life)style.

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