Icon: Wale In A Milwaukee Bucks Throwback Jersey

Those hideous Milwaukee jerseys from the late 1990s with Bambi’s father right across the chest make us cringe whenever we think about them. But you know what? Sometimes famous people can make old fashion trends work. Sometimes something is SO bad that it’s actually good.

How many truly awful movies have you seen that you just couldn’t stop watching? I laughed super hard at The Benchwarmers, and just had to know the ending to Mars Attacks. Wale seems to get that here. Post up in front of a nice ride with the snakeskin low-top Jordan XIs, while rocking a throwback Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey…and suddenly, that heinous jersey doesn’t look so bad. You surround bad fashion choices with enough good ones and now that bad choice not only doesn’t look bad, it becomes a trend.

The execution wasn’t perfect, but his head was certainly in the right place.

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