Icon: Vic Mensa

Presenting Vic Mensa, the one-of-a-kind, stylish, and beyond capable 21-year-old from Chicago, Illinois, whose popularity is growing as we speak. Despite not having an official album out yet, his well deserved spot as a XXL Freshman sling-shotted his fanbase into another demographic. One of the up-and-coming artist’s newest songs — “Down On My Luck” — was just released in the UK on iTunes and feels to Vic (as evident by a recent Instagram post) like a big step forward in his career, and just the beginning for what’s to come.

Vic is not only a threat to his peers musically but his style is crazy as well. Watch this freestyle and you’ll see the whole package. His abilities as an artist and suave while rapping is remarkable. It just so happens that he’s wearing the same bold outfit both in this Instagram picture and during his freestyle for Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio Channel.

From that image on the ‘gram, let’s start with the red leather jacket, which makes a statement all by itself, not to mention the boots and Guns N’ Roses tee. On top of that, the blonde hair makes him stand out, especially with the black bandana that has accompanied Vic’s style choices long before the blonde hair came into the picture.

Vic Mensa’s music alone is noteworthy, as is his hard-to-miss style. Be sure to look out for his first official album, and check him out below showing off his eccentric style where he’s once again rocking that red leather jacket.

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