Icon: The Weeknd

I give you this week’s Icon, The Weeknd, someone you should be listening to — to quote his new song — “Often.” This 24-year-old Canadian sings what is referred to as PBR&B music, which combines everything from synthesizers to drums to bass guitars. It’s not only that his production is so rare. Unlike a lot of popular artists today, this dude also has talent. The unique beats fused together with his natural singing ability blend better than Drake and Kentucky… okay, I guess that isn’t a difficult task. But trust me, you have to close your eyes and listen to this guy sing to believe it.

The Weeknd’s natural ability and unrivaled (except for this guy) production are pretty easy to notice, and he makes sure that his style stands out too. Take a look at this picture from August 8. What’s the first thing you notice? It’s probably his hair, which he made sure made a statement from day one. With the shaved sides you’d think we were looking at another Macklemore, but sorry, that comparison might be a stretch. Regardless, both artists make their separate looks work, especially the Weeknd. To be honest, his jacket speaks for itself as well, which is something that The Weeknd prides himself in: letting his work speak for itself. His style does likewise. I’d be sure to check him out before the “Week(e)nd” if I were you.

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