Icon: The Heat Doesn’t Affect Cam’ron

Killa Cam doesn’t always push fashion trends but he does tests the limits. From his days rocking pink mink coats to his recent forays on the runway—he debuted the Dipset Cape Collection at Mark McNairy’s 2014 New York Fashion Week Show—Cam’ron is never dull.

Case in point: Wednesday, June 18, when this photo was snapped. New Yorkers will remember that day for being scorching hot, like boil-your-omelette-on-the-pavement hot. That Wednesday wasn’t about styling, it was only about surviving, and yet here’s Killa rocking all black, with sweatpants, a skully, and a big ol’ backpack. Dipset apparel, with the playoff Jordan VIIIs on his feet, it seems like Cam’ron still knows how to get people staring.

As he told Complex recently, “I didn’t know my lifestyle was so hot.”

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