Icon: The Game

Goodness. If there was only one dude that could earn his Icon spot solely from his tattoos, it would be The Game. Yet The Game is much more than that. The 34-year-old rapper is a caring father and interactive artist with his fans, a basketball coach, a fitness machine, and most importantly, a rapper that you don’t want to play in Madden. Of course all of that would easily be enough for him to add the title of Icon to his impressive resume, but his music, and more importantly his style, seals the deal on his spot this week.

The Game raps about everything from gang struggles to success stories, and no matter the topic it’s always genuine and pretty close to perfection. His music obviously stands out, but it’s valid to say that the artist’s style makes just as big of a statement. The Game is known for showing off his tattoos. Just look as his ‘gram. It has over 4,000 pictures on it, and probably in one of every five of those he is sporting no shirt and some limited edition shoes. Take this picture from early September, for example. Once again our Icon is rocking no shirt, stand out camo shorts, and some crazy shoes, the Kobe 9 EM to be exact. (Don’t worry we got you locked down on those Kobes on Champs Sports.)

The Game’s music has meaning, he dresses and works out to impress, and he cares about his family and fans. What else could we ask of this week’s Icon?

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The Game