Icon: Skizzy Mars

Our Icon this week is the one and only Skizzy Mars. “One and only” is kinda cliche, huh? Maybe. But this dude is truly unique. The Manhattan native calls himself an “alternative” rapper and always makes sure to keep true to his city in his progressive take on New York hip-hop.

Skizzy didn’t decide he wanted to be a rapper until his senior of high school but that hasn’t held him back from creating hits. From songs like “Pay For You” (with The Drop‘s homie G-Eazy) to his “Lucy” track remixed by Olivver, Skizzy is making sure to keep it new and fresh, not only with the production, but also lyrically; he gets better every time you listen. His flow is relatively slow and relaxed, but he doesn’t sacrifice any of the genius — flow is flow and lyrics are lyrics. Skizzy kills it in both categories.

As far as Skizzy’s style goes, well…it’s just about as solid as his music. If you look at this picture you’ll see some of the key concepts in any of his outfits. First, the color black. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do you see this week’s Icon on tour or at an interview without part of his outfit being black. In this case, it’s the leather jacket and the pants. Second, you can always count on a hat, more specifically and quite usually, a bucket hat. And lastly — it’s about 50/50 — but you’ll probably catch Skizzy in some type of glasses.

Skizzy is truthfully one of the most genuine rappers out there right now, making good, progressive music, and looking good all the while. Be sure to check him out.

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