Sango Is a Seattle Style Icon

This week’s Icon is a R&B/hip-hop mix of a beat maker with a sound so distinct it’s honestly hard to describe. But I’ll try. He uses everything from deep bass to snares to incredibly abstract samples in order to create a sound that leaves you craving more. It’s really crazy that he’s still relatively under the radar; place your bets now because it’s low-risk, high-reward that this dude will be blowing up pretty soon.

The 22-year-old Seattle native has loved music for as long as he can remember. Sango says that when he was a kid, everyone was into Pokemon, and all he really loved was listening to music. It’s interesting because that love has led to an emerging artist with a passion that can only be seen through his sound. An appreciation for Sango really begins with you checking out his Soundcloud. Okay good? Now you’re acquainted with what I’ve been talking about. Next you can head over to Complex and listen to GoldLink, a previous Icon, spit crazy verses over one of Sango’s best beats. At this point I’m assuming you’ve completed steps one and two. Finally, you gotta check out his style.

Sango’s look is consistent. Working from the ground up, you can expect some type of denim, but usually nothing too flashy. Shirt-wise, you’re gonna be looking at anything from an adidas Track Jacket to a jean jacket overtop of a shirt that usually has a simplistic yet abstract design. Lastly, on his head you can expect a 5 Panel, which is becoming a staple of Sango’s look. Whether it’s his style or his music, Sango is always stepping it up and creating something new.

With good music to vibe to and a style worthy of copying, you better keep an eye out for Sango.

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