Icon: Rapper Matt McGhee Is on the Come Up

This week, I’m introducing you to an artist that you’re about to put in your top 10, and if he keeps putting out fantastic projects, he’ll stay there. Matt McGhee, our Icon this week, is a 21-year-old artist out of Maryland who just released the album 1920, which has a Joey Bada$$-type flow with production ranging across all spectrums. You have to listen to the tracks to understand what I mean, but each record has a story with rhymes and messages crossing over one another. The title of the album speaks for itself: McGhee says that, “1920 symbolizes growth, going from being a teenager to being an adult and accepting more responsibilities and all the challenges that come with adulthood. I dropped it on my 21st birthday because that’s when it was completed. I’m more ready (to succeed) that I was before.”

Through the lyrics you can hear his goals and struggles, all with a flow that makes you want to sit back, close your eyes, and put the album on shuffle. McGhee also just dropped a music video for his record “LOTTO,” which showcases not only his presence as an artist, but also his affinity for vintage sports apparel. Listen to 1920 and watch that “LOTTO” video, and tell me you aren’t a fan. If you still aren’t, I’m positive you can at least appreciate his style.

With idols like Kanye, Jay Z, and Pharrell Williams, Matt McGhee better have a killer style to even come close to those guys’ looks. And he does. Take a glance at this picture below. McGhee is rockin a retro neon jacket with some black jeans. Simple, classy, yet he still stands out. The Nike headband adds a nice touch, but what really seals the outfit are the Nike Air Force 1 Mids, which McGhee says are his favorite sneakers of all time.

But that won’t stop him from wearing Jordans. Just look at the album cover of 1920. He’s wearing the Black/Metallic Air Jordan V, one of his three favorite pairs along with the Black/Cement Jordan III and the Bred IV. He says, “If it doesn’t have Bulls colors, I won’t wear ’em.”

I promise you that Matt McGhee is only going to become more popular, so be thankful he’s our Icon this week. You just read about a future star.

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