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My guess is you haven’t heard of Nate Schultz. If you’ve somehow already been acquainted with this 19-year-old Atlanta native I’m sure it was by way of his video with over 500,000 views on WorldstarHipHop. This. Kid. Can. Rap. That video is a must watch; Nate takes words from a random word generator — that’s refreshed numerous times so you can tell it’s not planned — and uses them, one at a time, in verses that “flow so cold you’ll shiver.” Not to mention, you can find more videos with the same premise on his website.

Nate’s “backyard kid” feel is something the rising rapper has adopted wholeheartedly. Although the title of his first project — The Sundown: Legend of the Backyard Kid — says enough, if you listen to his verses and rhymes you’ll hear his diehard commitment to Atlanta and the joys of growing up as a “backyard kid.”

Nate representing himself as just a backyard kid from Atlanta really sums up his style as well as it can be explained. You rarely see him in anything other than a solid tee, jeans, and a backwards snapback, all of which epitomize the style of a backyard kid. Maybe as his popularity grows a new style will accompany him, but for now what he’s doing works perfectly. Nate’s flow and lyrical ability are incredible — he even says he “spits so quick I (he) even vomited.” His producer Shawl Lobel also has skill, and together, I honestly think we’re looking at the next big thing.

Check this dude out, listen for some inspiration, and get outside and play some real backyard ball.

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Nate Schultz