Icon: Get to Know Michael Christmas

This week’s Icon is a young artist out of Boston, Massachusetts, who goes by the name of Michael Christmas. You may not have heard of this phenom of an artist, but that’s fine. He’s on tour with an artist by the name of Logic, whom I’m sure you’re familiar with. So maybe, just maybe, you still have time to buy tickets to their show when they come to your city.

If you do buy a ticket or two, and see him live, maybe you’ll have an answer to the question he posed on his latest album: “Is This Art?”

Regardless of how you end up listening to the album, I can promise that the answer to his question is a firm yes. It’s interesting because in one of his songs on the project, titled “Overweight Drake,” Michael Christmas compares himself to Drake.

“You can thank me now or thank me later / What I’m trying to say is I’m the Overweight Drake in every single kinda way”

We all know what he’s going for. Drake is someone who has a gnarly rep both lyrically and on the style front. Michael Christmas is trying to match that. He’s someone who sports a near perfect, Joey Bada$$-y flow, but you’re also looking at someone who rocks a ton of black tops, wears everything from jeans to camo joggers, and performs in everything from Jordans to Converse. It’s really the blend of his style and music that gets people like our past Icon Niykee Heaton tweeting things like this out of the blue.

If Michael Christmas can compare himself to Drake with confidence and get Niykee Heaton to tweet him, well…you might want to just jump into this dude’s fanbase as fast as you can.

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