Icon: MGK Is Putting on for Cleveland in 2015

This week’s Icon has had a pretty crazy last month. MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) just released his latest song titled “Till I Die,” a record that, similar to every other verse he lays down, reps the city of Cleveland. However, this song takes it a step up. The record has me, an L.A. native, wishing I was from the 216. If you don’t understand the hype…watch the music video. After all, judging from his Instagram video, MGK was pretty excited that it hit one million views in under a week. To top off all the immediate success of the song, MTV Jams made “Till I Die” the Jam of The Week for the second week in January. But trust me when I say this…the success of his latest song isn’t the only reason this month has been so big for the young artist out of CLE.

MGK announced via his ‘gram that he’ll be starring in Cameron Crowe’s new Showtime series called Roadies. MGK has made it clear to his fanbase for quite some time that he’s wanted to be on camera; as he says in his caption of this photo, dreams really do come true.

Strip back all of MGK’s recent success and you’re left with a kid from Cleveland, Ohio, who loves making hip-hop music while performing with a punk rock style. What he wears while doing so revolves around that ideal. Shirts? No. Well, rarely. Most of the time he’ll be showing off his tattoos. If he is wearing something on his shoulders, it’s usually a loose jacket or a low-cut shirt. You can count on ripped skinny jeans with every outfit and a pair of Chucks on MGK’s feet. He kills his own look. Every single time. But no matter what the attire, he’s gonna be “laced up” and reppin’ EST and CLE ’till he dies.

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