Icon: Kid Ink

I bet you’ve heard (of) this week’s Icon if you’ve turned on your radio anytime since March of this year. Kid Ink’s DJ Mustard-produced track “Main Chick” and his latest song “Body Language” have been cycling multiple times a day on most hip-hop stations. The success of these songs mirror the success of Kid Ink’s other singles like “Show Me” and “Iz U Down” from his latest album, My Own Lane. The 28-year-old Los Angeles native, whose childhood inspiration came from Pharrell Williams, has been going nowhere but up for the past few years. This steady climb to fame has been complemented by a style that can only be described as consistent.

It’s pretty well known that Kid Ink puts on an incredible show, and it’s also common knowledge that at these shows you will see some “ink.” You can count on a shirtless Kid Ink performing in at least one “Alumni” (Kid Ink’s trademark) gold chain, a pair of Nikes, and most likely a snapback.

Look at this picture from his show in France during the last week of September. As predicted, rapping in a snapback, tattoos for a shirt, gold chains, Nike Air Force 1 Mids, and we were even blessed with camo-type print leggings. I greatly encourage you to check out Kid Ink on your radio, iTunes, and Instagram. You will not disappointed. Maybe even attend a show? Worst case scenario, you’ll be able to see some incredible tattoos.

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