Icon: Kaytranada

We’re almost to the best time of the week. Friday. You finally get a chance to sit back, relax, think about your weekend, and not worry about all the crazy responsibilities you just had this past week. This week’s Icon is the artist you should be listening to as you ponder your crazy plans for this weekend. I give you Kaytranada. The Haiti-born, Montreal-raised 22-year-old producer has been not only killing the remix/production scene but also seeing lots of success through his own projects and singles. Working with everyone from Vic Mensa to GoldLink, Kaytranada puts on an incredible show.

Aside from the new and innovative style of his music, Kaytranada has pretty sweet fashion sense…which has been stepped up lately if I might add. Check out this post from early October on his Instagram. He moved away from his classic and typical dark-colored DJ wardrobe, and whether the coat is his or not, he is looking great in this camo-patterned fur coat. The caption “mmm hmm” really says it all.

You need to start following Kaytranada. He’s on the come up in the producing world and apparently his style is on the climb as well. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to make sure Kaytranada is a part of it.

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mmm hmm

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