Icon: Kaskade Knows How to Make His Casual Style Look Fly

It was 6:45 p.m. on a Sunday night in Indio, California, and I was only two hours deep into my 5-hour wait at Coachella’s main stage for Drake, one of hip-hop’s most renowned and stylish artists. I knew Drake didn’t go on until 10:15 so I still had a few artists to sit through. As a hip-hop head, I knew very little about Kaskade. He’s a big name in electronic music, right? He’s on the radio sometimes? After finessing my way as close to Coachella’s main stage as humanly possible, I posted up and waited. Kaskade was on at 7:15 and all I could think was “Let’s just get through him and the next artist and let my man Drake put on a show.”

Who knew that the next 48 minutes were going to inspire The Drop‘s next Icon?

It turns out that this year was the 44-year-old DJ/EDM (electronic dance music) artist’s fourth time performing at Coachella. If you’re more of a hip-hop/rap listener like me then when someone suggests listening to an electronic artist I bet you’re pretty opposed. All they have to do is press buttons…There are no rhymes or skill involved…Don’t feel bad, I used to say the same things. But give Kaskade a chance and listen. It’s not hip-hop but I guarantee it will put you in a great mood and is definitely something you can vibe with. I sure did.

Coachella is a unique place to enjoy music, so if you can’t enjoy Kaskade similar to how I did then you can probably at least get some style tips from him. As you can see in the picture below, Kaskade’s Coachella style was nothing out of the ordinary, yet he killed it. Cuffed denim with a button-down shirt is always a good call. At Champs Sports, we like to tie up our looks with a pair of sneakers, but we still respect Kaskade’s barefoot look while rocking Coachella’s biggest stage. Kaskade is big on the button-down look; just checkout this picture from his ‘gram. (Another crazy button-down and the Coachella essentials of a pair of sunglasses and a bandana.)

Kaskade’s music makes you feel–as cliche as it is–just plain great. And his style? Well, that’s on the same level.

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