Icon: Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion aka Beautiful Mind. If this isn’t a name you’ve heard before, I guarantee you will by the end of 2015. But just to make you feel worse, Eminem and Rihanna already know this young artist because he’s a songwriter for their hit song “Monster.” He has skills. Period. You can view some of his latest work and download his first tape, but to get a real taste of who this guy is, you have to see his “the making of…” videos. (And here.) He documents his creative production process to give his fans a true sense of what is behind each of his songs, masterpieces***.

Jon Bellion’s style is something new and unique. It’s like pop music with a hip-hop feel that you know is just fresh and actually has worthwhile production behind it. Listen to his latest song “Simple and Sweet” and you’ll see how his unique, soft yet powerful voice goes perfectly with his production, even though “the synth and just his voice is fine” (listen to the song). Lots of his new fans are even calling his musical style a new genre.

His musical style alone is enough to earn his spot as this week’s Icon, but he really is the full package. If you ever get a chance to meet him (which I have at the House of Blues in L.A.), or even hear him speak you will experience how genuine Jon is, along with the passion he puts into his music and production. His urban appearance suits his demeanor perfectly. Look at this picture of him in the studio with a recently grown beard that complements his dark hair, and those chains that match perfectly with the orange long-sleeve shirt. What this picture doesn’t show you is his sleeve of tattoos, which also matches his look. Trust me — Jon Bellion is a talented, well-rounded artist that you should definitely check out and keep on your radar in the next few months. He’s also about to go on a huge tour. Keep your eyes, ears, and (beautiful) minds open to this guy.

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