Icon: Harry Hudson Has a Story as Good as His Music

Our Icon this week has one of the craziest journeys you could possibly imagine. Imagine this: You’re 20 years old, just dropped one song, and are attracting attention from Universal Music’s Cherrytree Records (home to Ellie Goulding, Robyn, and Sting). Things are probably looking pretty good, right? But then days later you get rushed to the hospital to find out that you have a tumor the size of a grapefruit in your chest. To emphasize how big that tumor was, here’s a picture of a life-size grapefruit.

Imagine jumping from, “I’m about to get a record deal” to “I might die.” Pretty gnarly. But the Los Angeles native is now 21 years old and cancer-free. Harry Hudson got past all that, and is not only confident in himself but also stylin’ pretty hard and dropping some incredible music. In the past 30 days, he dropped a single titled “Typa Thang,” which is just a confident display of his current mindset with a Weeknd feel to it yet killer in it’s own way. It makes you want to throw on your favorite outfit and kicks and just rock “your look,” your “typa thang,” no matter what it is.

Jordans? Pumas? In Harry’s case, the classic Chuck Taylors are his typa thang. He also loves to rock a pom-knit Mitchell & Ness beanie with all of his looks — one of the staples of his style.

In addition to his new single, Harry also just released his first EP titled The Treatment (A-Side) on February 3, which is the first of two projects set to drop this year. Off of the project comes a song titled “Daydreams Of A Weirdo” for which Harry just released a music video, writing in a tweet, “I remember sitting on that bed thinking about my past and how I always wore a mask because I was scared of what others thought of me. At the time I was thinking, if I could take back anything what would it be, and it woulda been that mask I was wearing. I was bullied, I was not the popular kid, I was the outcast, the weirdo. I didn’t embrace that until I realized that I might die.”

The video is unique and gives us another look into his style, which is really nothing too out of the ordinary but always methodically planned and clean. Stylish always, with lots of black and white that’s showy in the most unsuspecting way. Just look at the picture below from his ‘gram.

Harry Hudson is an inspiration, driven by a passion for style and music, who stays positive 100 percent of the time and works his hardest every day to inspire others to push past their challenges and pursue their dreams.

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Harry Hudson