Icon: GoldLink

I am proud to introduce this week’s Icon, GoldLink — an artist that I guarantee you will hear in your homies’ cars days after you introduce him to your friends. Lyrically he can not only rap, but his flow is also remarkable. Imagine someone with those skills, who is combining hip-hop with dance, and you have GoldLink. He strives to be different and absolutely loves his style, as do all of his fans. The 21-year-old and first member of Beats Music Co-Signed says that he’s influenced by everyone from Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys to Eminem and Kanye West. Why? Because they’re culture shifters, which is exactly what he strives to achieve with his blending of hip-hop and dance production. This may appear odd, but considering the fact GoldLink says he finessed his rapping by spitting to Flying Lotus… it’s not.

This guy knows what he’s doing. Don’t believe me? Listen to his latest project. Or just look at this tweet from Logic’s deejay after GoldLink’s performance at Trillectro, a mid-sized music festival in his hometown of Washington, D.C.

The non-smoking, non-drinking, and non-drug-using artist is going places musically, but let’s not forget about his style. The fact that he is clean goes hand in hand with his look on and off the stage. He likes keeping it straightforward, as you can see in the picture below, taken from one of his Twitter followers since he does not appear to have an Instagram. White shirt, black pants, and of course, his signature mask. Until recently, GoldLink always wore a mask when he performed to remain mysterious and to keep the focus on the music; as it says on his website, “Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

GoldLink prides himself on being unique, and even went as far as to say in an interview that he will be the next Prince because he is a faceless sex symbol. GoldLink has confidence, skills, and style. What more is there? Perhaps headlining Bonnaroo someday in the future would make him completely content. After all, that is his one of his many goals.

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