Icon: Future’s Style Is Ridiculous

This week’s Icon is someone you’ve probably been hearing all over the radio, club, and party scene for a while: Future, a 31-year-old artist out of Atlanta. A lot of our Icons kill it on the stage, and Future has certainly earned passage into that elite group, but very few stunt on Instagram has hard as Future. This dude has an insane sense for style, and he knows it, not to mention he also knows how to show it off.

Let’s start with the picture below: All black. Puma jacket. Jeans. Sneakers. This all-black theme transfers nicely to the release of Future’s new mixtape 56 Nights, which just dropped on March 21. Off the mixtape comes a track called “March Madness,” which already has half a million plays (at the time of writing) in just four days. It’s a dope track with the classic Future flow that’s very fitting for the NCAA Tournament.

However, the Atlanta artist doesn’t need a new mixtape, or a March Madness “hypetrack,” to kill his look. From a picture showing off his all-gold accessories down to the Nikes, to kickin’ back on the couch wearing a solid crew neck and some jeans (don’t forget the signature Jesus Piece), Future always makes you jealous of his look. At Champs Sports, we really do our best to help you get your own style looking like Future’s, but at some point we can only help you get so close. Future’s Style Is Ridiculous, and thus fits perfectly into our Icon series.

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I walk on a check & I talk a check…u kno where I came from @puma @footlocker #pumalab

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