Icon: Felly

This week’s Icon is an 18-year-old producer and rapper from the suburbs of Connecticut who is currently across the country in college at USC. Quite the change of scenery if you ask me…but can’t argue that he’s now chillin’ in the producing/rapping capital of the country. With opportunities at his fingertips and skill under his belt, I’m keeping healthy and betting that Felly will blow up inside the next few years. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you; you’ve probably never heard of this kid. But you can get to know him pretty well through his YouTube channel, which has everything from his latest music videos to videos of him producing beats in his room back in CT.

It’s hard to describe Fel’s feel. Imagine if Bob Marley was a rapper, with the production of *insert any DJ who loves using samples and is incredible at it*, and the voice of Mac Miller. It’s pretty difficult to describe someone who is so individualistic.

You could say his style has changed a bit from the 15-year-old Felly in a tie. Nonetheless he’s still spitting bars. Peep some of his recent looks, all of which are relaxed and thoroughly embrace the California lifestyle. As evident with Felly, you can always expect either a 5 Panel or bucket hat, probably accompanied by sunglasses if the weather’s nice.

In both his style and music, it’s pretty clear that Felly is loving L.A. and the opportunities it presents him. Musically, he’s in a thriving environment and I encourage you to check out his work and maybe even copy his style.

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