Icon: Dizzy Wright

Meet Dizzy Wright, arguably the most peaceful rapper in the current game, whose rhymes will leave you not only impressed, but also feeling relaxed. Think of how you felt listening to Kendrick’s “Control” verse; now imagine the polar opposite feeling. That’s how it feels to listen to Dizzy Wright. The 23-year-old rapper is different from his peers. He doesn’t just make “inspiring” music, or “relatable” music. He actually works to inspire and relate to his fans, something that has been lost with popular artists these days. Don’t believe me? Just listen to his song “World Peace” — you’ll see him graciously taking pictures with fans in Venice Beach and hear him rapping, “Spreading love until I’m in and out my day I represent world peace.”

Dizzy’s musical style isn’t the only thing impressive about the young artist. Most of the clothing he’s wearing these days is a celebration of his individuality. If it isn’t clear already, it’s quite obvious Dizzy can be himself and continue to be unique, while at the same time expressing himself in clothing that he feels suits him. Hence this picture from his Instagram on July 16 with the caption “The world is yours.”

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