Icon: Brooklyn’s Finest With Too Much Swagger

Introducing Joey Bada$$, the 19-year-old rapper from Brooklyn who exudes music, loyalty, and style. For proof of his loyalty, just check any of his social media sites or listen to his music and you’ll see and hear his impressive loyalty to Brooklyn, and his best friend and brother figure, the late Capital Steez. Despite his passing, Steez’s spirit and influence still live on through Joey’s lyrics and social media posts.

Finally, what makes Joey our Icon this week? His style. Just scrolling through Joey’s Instagram it’s instantly obvious he cares about his appearance. Take this picture from July 8. Again, he is repping New York City with a worldwide Wu-Tang Clan tee and all the while not failing to add some style on his feet with the Timbs. Although Joey’s style may seem nonchalant, it’s unique and special because he always stays true to wearing hometown clothing that represents his roots. For example, here’s another Instagram photo showing off the NYC brand Kith, which Joey wears at almost every show and interview these days. Be on the lookout for Joey’s next tour. He’s a stylish performer you won’t want to miss.

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