Icon: Blacked-Out G-Eazy

G-Eazy, the rapper who seems to reveal so little. Not the complete truth, but his style and demeanor sure make us feel that way. From his “Been On” music video to just about every interview or concert video you could look up, he’s dressed completely in black, with the occasional splash of color from a gold chain or pair of select Jordans. His black hair is always slicked back, perfectly gelled and combed.

All blacked out. All the time. Every single interview, concert, and studio session. Here he is on July 8 at a photo shoot, wearing all black once again, yet showing some street style on his feet by sporting the Air Jordan V Retro Metallics — suede and very limited. Whether or not you appreciate G-Eazy’s style, his music has a unique flare and is worth the listen. Apparently, even he is aware of his individual style as expressed in a recent interview, “I’m not like anybody else man,” he said in a recent interview with Radio King Online. “I don’t look like nobody else, you know, I’m just me, and that’s all I can be…”

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