Icon: Azad Right

It’s the third week in a row we’ve had an Icon based out of Los Angeles. This time, Azad Right claims that well deserved spot. This up-and-coming artist has made quite the climb from the single parent household he shared with his blind father, who was a poet. Maybe that’s where Azad’s flows originated? Either way, he managed to make it through his adolescence and secure an internship with Interscope Records, a branch of Universal Music Group that sells more music than any other major label. From there he created his business and formed into the climbing artist he is today.

If you haven’t heard of Azad I can promise he’ll make it onto your playlist soon. After all he is the only Iranian-American hip-hop artist to have made it this far. He’s had the opportunity to rap for Nas, his idol and favorite artist. Akon even said that Azad’s flow reminds him of Nas’ music (skip to the 41-minute mark). If you can’t get excited about this dude after those credentials, you’ll just have to listen. Azad’s newest project, For The Hopeful, just dropped on October 21 so be sure to check that out. One of his recent singles, “Self Made,” also just dropped with a sweet visual.

As you can probably see by now, Azad can not only rap, but he has a distinct style about him. It’s similar to G-Eazy, yet unique in his own way, Azad loves his black wardrobe. He’s been rocking it since high school, where he won the “best style” award out of over 3,000 kids. Well he was runner up, but still. His clean, all-black aesthetic is something he prides himself in, and you can usually count on some black sunglasses to complement his look. His best friend growing up is now not only one of his producers, but also a model for Givenchy, Vogue, and more. Azad only had one choice–to step up his style. And that’s what he’s done.

Hopefully you’ll see Azad in your city soon, wearing one of his trademark vintage all-black outfits, but if not be sure to check him always stylin’ on the ‘gram.

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