Icon: 2 Chainz

Contrary to last week’s Icon, you’ve probably heard of this rapper. I give you 2 Chainz (and Miley Cyrus)…but let’s talk about the real one making a fashion statement here. We’ll keep our comments on Miley’s outfit to a minimum and just call it, as she does, a “dirty hippie” look. Now onto 2 Chainz.

We all know that the College Park native covers all spectrums of rap with his music, through radio songs like “I’m Different” to those for the more tentative listener like “I Luv Dem Strippers.” Honestly, his style is extremely comprehensive and unpredictable as well, except for the multiple chains(z); we can count on those with every outfit. He wears everything from crazy jackets to plain white button ups.

It’s safe to say that 2 Chainz stepped his game up in this photo from his ‘gram. I mean, maybe I’m ignorant — after all, it was New York Fashion Week. What else would we expect? Regardless, he was stuntin’ as always.

To quote his Instagram username, @HairWeaveKiller was once again wearing tinted sunglasses (inside) and rocking quite the hardware. Those are no ordinary chainz. Whether it’s a hat, a new chain or rings, you can always bank on at least one standout accessory when it comes to this rapper, and it’s pretty obvious what that item was this week. The jacket/coat makes Miley’s dirty hippie almost unnoticeable, not to mention it blends in perfectly with the backdrop. Not planned? Regardless, still impressive.

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