How to Wear Camo in New York City

  • Nike Roshe Run
    Wear it on your sneakers

    Splashing a little camo on the small things — your shades, your backpack, your overcoat, your cap…or your sneakers — can make all of the difference. With a camo colorway of the Roshe Run dropping at Champs Sports tomorrow, you’re in luck. It’s the perfect choice to rock with some flat-colored cuffed pants this fall.

    If you do make moves this weekend and cop the Roshe Run at Champs Sports, finish the look by going sock-less or, at the least, giving your pants a clean cuff. That’ll help set the camo shoes off and give them room to stunt. More on this on the next slide…

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  • Air Jordan VI
    Don't be afraid to rock camo pants/shorts

    I grew up wearing camo shirts. T-shirts. Long-sleeves. Even a hoodie here or there. But I’m not sure I’ve ever owned any pants or shorts with digital or camo print and that’s honestly a little sad considering how the look has helped define mainstream streetwear for so long. In 2014, it’s trendy to rock a pair of fitted camo pants or shorts. In fact, it’s probably more trendy than ever. It’s a look that says I’m here. I’m ready. I’m not afraid. It’s bold and yet if you match it with earthy color palettes in the rest of your outfit, you can effuse a modern sophistication.

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  • camo
    Don't wear too much of it

    However, like anything else that pops, camo can be extremely effective when you use it in doses. Combine it with a jersey or some grey or black-colored fleece and you’ll be looking Instagram-worthy. Better yet, find a color pattern that you rarely see out — I’m talking about some teal digital ink or rainbow — and you’ll find that sometimes the smallest doses ring the loudest.

    Don’t overdue it with the colors, either. Mix and match colors outside of what you normally associate camo with to give your look a little extra juice.

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  • @sarahderagon
    Wear it casually

    Camo is only going to work if you feel comfortable in it. If not, you’ll just look outlandish, as if you’re trying too hard. Roll the sleeves up, unzip the jacket, or pair camo pants with soft-colored sneakers or go the other way around with camo-flavored shoes. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Just own the look. Be confident. Make it your own. That’s the only way to pull it off.

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  • camo
    Try new colors

    The idea of wearing camouflage might be older than any of us, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with the traditional. Try new colors — like this from Champs Sports — or a new graphic. It’s easy to get lazy in your style if you’re just going with the same look all the time. Wear a modern take on a classic and you’ll feel fresh. Remember, you don’t want to be normal. You want to be a trendsetter.

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  • Nike Roshe Run
  • Air Jordan VI "Carmine"
  • camo
  • @sarahderagon
  • camo

True story: One of my undergrad college professors gave me the nickname “Sarge.” That’s short for “sergeant” for those of you not up on game. It wasn’t because I had military experience or because I was some type of loud-mouthed leader. It had to do with my style. (Or lack thereof.)

Back when you could cop 4-for-$20 camo t-shirts from Champs Sports, in any size up to 3-4XL, I consistently rocked camouflage. Lived for it. It was my go-to choice. I still remember it being my pick for the first day of classes my freshman year. If you want to know how far things have changed since then, that day I wore a tall, traditional camo t-shirt (probably 4XL), with black jean shorts, black-on-black Air Force 1s, and a matching bandana. I possessed the unique ability to always feel fresh even when I wasn’t, even if I was wearing shirts longer than my shower curtains.

Camo will always be en vogue, however. In 2014 it still is, and now that we’re hitting the cold months it better be a part of your rotation. In New York City, cats all over the place are wearing camo. It helps you stay unique.

This week, we’re seeing yet another camouflage edition of the Nike Roshe Run releasing at Champs Sports. While everyone should be able to pull off the Roshe Run without much help considering it’s one of the most versatile shoes of all time, you could probably use some help wearing camo. So here we are ready to teach you East Coast cats How to Wear Camo in New York City.


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