The Hottest On-Court Sneakers Worn in the NBA This Season

  • Lou Williams
    Air Jordan III "OVO"

    Lou Williams might’ve won the early weeks of the NBA season by breaking out these ridiculous all-gold “OVO” Jordans. This is just so over the top we don’t even know where to start. I’m not sure anyone touches these kicks all year.

    image via @geokthree

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  • Jordan Melo M10 PE

    Carmelo Anthony wore these bad boys on opening night for New York against Chicago. A clean white and orange look? We dig it.

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  • Air Jordan VI
    Air Jordan VI "Ring Night"

    To kick off the 2014-15 season, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard warmed up in these sick joints. With an all-white upper, accented with championship gold, as well as Leonard’s personal logo on the heel — the imprint of his hand, which is one of the biggest in the league — these NEED to be released.

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  • Charlotte Hornets PEs
    Charlotte Hornets PEs

    Okay, we’re cheating a little bit on this one but I’m guessing no one is going to complain? No? Good. (Actually, if you want to get technical, he DID kind of wear them “on court.”) Before the season started, the new-look Charlotte Hornets hosted a #MJTakeover of the team’s Twitter page and at one point, Jordan showed off his stash of team PEs. Unbelievable. Someone NEEDS to wear these on the floor this year. We can’t even choose a favorite, just need them all.

    image via @Hornets

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  • 2012 Nike Hyperdunk PE
    2012 Nike Hyperdunk PE

    Dirk Nowitzki‘s squad lost to the defending champs on opening night, but, as always, it was cool to see him rocking the “old” 2012 PEs. Nowitzki is known for sticking with a sneaker for years if it works for him. Here’s another instance of that.

    image via @nba

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  • Manu Ginobili
    PEAK TP9-II and Nike Kobe 9 EM

    Shoutout to Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili for bringing the heat for opening night, Manu in particular. He’s known for rocking a lot of sick Spurs-colored Nikes and it’s really hard to top what he has on here.

    image via @nba

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  • Chandler Parsons
    ANTA Parsons

    Last spring, Dallas’ new starting small forward Chandler Parsons officially announced a deal with ANTA sportswear and has been rocking the joints ever since. Not bad here with the grey and royal blue. Not bad at all.

    image via @nba

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  • A video posted by NBA (@nba) on

    Jordan Super.Fly 3

    Monta Ellis went off in game one against San Antonio, doing it in part — at least we hope — because he was rocking some dope Jordan Super.Fly 3 PEs. These will be popular sneakers this year outside of just Blake Griffin. You can’t get a much better combination of comfort and looks.

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  • Tim Duncan
    adidas Crazy Ghost 2014

    Tim Duncan is back for another round — maybe his last? — and he’s looking skinnier than ever. For opening night he laced up the Crazy Ghost 2014.

    image via @nba

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  • Jordan Melo M10 'Bred' PE
    Jordan Melo M10 'Bred' PE

    Rookie Jabari Parker had a rough opening game against Charlotte, but at least he was looking good.

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  • Russell Westbrook
    Air Jordan XX9 'Team Orange'

    Russell Westbrook and the Thunder lost their opening night game against Portland, but Westbrook was on another level, dropping 38 and totally dominating fellow All-Star point guard, Damian Lillard. He had some pretty dope kicks, too.

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  • LeBron James
    Nike LeBron 12

    Cleveland’s opening game against New York didn’t go according to plan, but at least LeBron James was flashing some super dope player exclusives of his brand new sneaker. In addition to that, the King switched sneakers at halftime and played in these joints in the second half. Is he the NBA’s sneaker king? It’s definitely possible.

    image via @solecollector

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  • Lou Williams
  • Air Jordan VI "Ring Night"
  • Charlotte Hornets PEs
  • 2012 Nike Hyperdunk PE
  • Manu Ginobili
  • Chandler Parsons
  • Monta Ellis
  • Tim Duncan
  • Jordan Melo M10
  • Russell Westbrook
  • LeBron James

Once upon a time, the NBA was a strict place where people looked at you weird if you didn’t show a little leg — thank God that era is over — and the league powers that be would fine you if you tried to sport a little originality. Michael Jordan came knocking on the door and while the league initially resisted, it eventually gave way. It had to. Jordan was special, an icon. He was different. But that didn’t necessarily mean everyone else would follow along. MJ wore baggy shorts and a sweatband, and rocked revolutionary kicks on the court. However, things didn’t really start to change for everyone else, for all of us, until the crossover. Hip-hop and basketball.

That’s when Allen Iverson came along and basically told the institution to leave off because he was coming to do his thing and no one was stopping him. He brought with him an entire legion of restless kids ready to make waves and ride change. The league saw the power in promoting the individual, saw that it was okay to embrace a culture that corporate America still wasn’t down with. Eventually, that individuality shifted all the way to the sneakers on the court and now half the fun of watching the NBA season is checking out what sneakers everyone is wearing.

We’re just a few shorts weeks into the NBA season and while it’s already clear which teams can play and which ones can’t, we have no idea which players will rock the best shoes this year. For now, we’re highlighting the best so far. Here are The Hottest On-Court Sneakers Worn in the NBA This Season.


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