The Hottest Air Jordan 10 Images on Instagram

  • Air Jordan 10 Red
  • Air Jordan 10 "Lady Liberty"
  • Air Jordan 10 "Steel"
  • Air Jordan 10 "Powder" Blue" Carolina
  • Air Jordan 10 "Bulls Over Broadway"
  • Air Jordan 10 "Bulls Over Broadway"
  • Air Jordan 10 "Steel"
  • Air Jordan 10 "Linen"

The Air Jordan X will always be underrated. That’s a fact made possible because it arrived during both the best and worst of times. Its legacy will forever sit in the shadow of the Air Jordan XI, which is perhaps the best basketball sneaker ever made, as well as in the shade of Michael Jordan‘s first abrupt retirement, a move that sent shockwaves through the world. And that’s all a pity because the X still has one of the best Air Jordan silhouettes ever made.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield after Jordan had retired from Chicago to play baseball, the X has a unique history. It wasn’t necessarily crafted by Tinker for Jordan because pretty much everyone believed he would never play again. That factored into the design of the shoe, considering the outsole’s ode to MJ’s accomplishments in the NBA, as well as the leather toe cap that Jordan hated and forced them to get rid of when he first returned in the spring of 1995. Because he was playing baseball, Jordan wasn’t consulted the way he normally was. His absence also helped indirectly jumpstart the City Series, a number of different Jordan X colorways that were worn by players like Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, and Harold Miner.

In the end, what makes this shoe fade into the background of Jordan’s line — it doesn’t feature any revolutionary design aspects, nor any historical ones considering MJ barely played in them — also makes it fascinating. It’s a lost classic, and is a shoe with a nearly perfect upper, perfect for 2015 when everyone wants to style on the ‘gram.

This Saturday, the “45” Chicago colorway of the X will be dropping at Champs Sports, and to get you excited for one of the best Jordan Brand releases so far in 2015, we’re going to show you exactly what we mean when we say this shoe kills it on social media.

These are the Hottest Air Jordan 10 Images on Instagram.


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