5 Things From Champs Sports That You Must Wear to the Next Holiday Party

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    I’ve never really liked wearing NFL jerseys during the summer. They are really big in the shoulders and arms and the weather always seems to get too hot. But in the winter, they are absolutely perfect, and with the playoffs about to start, rep your squad to the fullest with a nice jersey. The one you choose will probably depend on which sneakers you’ll be rocking to the party.

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  • adidas Flux
    adidas Flux

    The Flux is one of the best sneakers put out all year and we must admit that adidas really killed it with these. They are stylish and feature an upper and midsole that work perfectly with any type of pants. Wear them to a party and you can dress up or dress down, while creating a unique look that is yours alone. That’s because there are so many colorways available at Champs Sports.

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  • Nike Cuffed Pants
    Cuff pants

    Trust me when I say there’s nothing better than winter break house parties. Chilling out in someone’s basement, bumping music, playing video games…just relaxing with good friends is what the holidays are all about. You can wear jeans, yes, but you’ll look more fly if you dress down a bit here. A dull color will help make the rest of your outfit pop, and these joints from Nike are perfect.

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    Special edition hoodies

    It’s getting pretty cold out there. Keep it together with this sick special edition hoodie from the adidas’ “Precious Metals” collection. You don’t normally see gold and black hoodies but if you combine this appropriately with your shoes, you can be the talk of the party.

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  • New Era NFL Sport Knit
    Team knits

    Normally we’d recommended a solid snapback to put the finishing touches on your outfit. But we’re deep into the winter and snow is now a daily threat. Don’t get sick or stuck all night trembling from being too cold. Chill out and stay comfortable in your favorite team’s knit, no matter if you like the Cowboys or the Dolphins or anyone else.

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  • Nike Cuffed Pants
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  • New Era NFL Sport Knit

Black Friday and Thanksgiving are past us, and Christmas week is right around the corner. In other words, this is the biggest time of the year for house parties and having fun. Whether you’re still in high school, hanging out on school break, or whether you’re a college kid returning from school to run into all those old friends you haven’t seen since high school, it’s all about showing off and showing out at this point. From the sneakers to the shirts to the hats to everything in-between, you can’t show up to a party with a bunch of people you haven’t seen in a year or two and not look your best.

Thankfully, the most important time of the year in this aspect also falls parallel to the best shopping time of the year. This year, there are so many unbelievable sneaker releases, like the Air Jordan VI that’s on everyone’s wish list to the “Empire State” edition of the Nike KD7 that’s so dope it has completely overshadowed every other colorway released this year. If you didn’t get it together in time for Black Friday, don’t worry. Each week through the end of 2014 features some amazing shoe releases.

Sneakers are obviously the highlight of any teenager’s swag but there’s so much more you can take advantage of to give yourself a heads up on the competition. And luckily for you, Champs Sports has your back.

These are 5 Things From Champs Sports That You Must Wear to the Next Holiday Party. If you aren’t up on game right now, it’s okay. We’re going to show you.

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