A History of Signature Shoes in the NFL

While most sports fans don’t normally associate football players with signature shoes, the fact is that throughout the years the most famous of gridiron gladiators were honored with their own sneaker. Beginning in 1987 with Bo Jackson and continuing right through present day, receiving his own shoe is a clear sign to a football player that he has arrived.

Just because you’re a good player, however, doesn’t mean you automatically get your own shoe. Plenty of deserving NFL athletes are still patiently awaiting their turn, and despite their many accomplishments on the field may never earn the distinction of having a sneaker to call their own. This is not the NBA, where seemingly half the guys have at least a PE tailor-made to fit their game.

It’s actually a bit of a mystery why there aren’t more signature shoes among NFL players. After all, if you had to rattle off the names of the most famous athletes in the country, there would be a ton of football players on that list.

While the majority of football players who get a signature shoe tend to be quarterbacks, the other 21 guys on the field get some love as well when it comes to footwear. Running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, and even defensive linemen have been known to get their own personal look, and these shoes blend the function of a trainer with the style that sets the NFL’s best apart. Here’s a look at the History of Signature Shoes in the NFL.

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