A History of Lil Wayne’s Sports References in Rap

  • "Oh Let’s Do It"

    Lyric 1: “I hit the beat hard, Bobby Boucher.”

    Lyric 2: “Versatile as f***, I switch it up like Dennis Rodman‘s dome.”

    After compiling the list of songs I quickly realized Wayne must have been watching a ton of SportsCenter while creating his mixtape, No Ceilings. Easily one of my favorite mixtapes Wayne has ever dropped.

    Two great sports references in this song. The first one comes in the form of a sports movie reference. If you haven’t seen the classic Waterboy, stop reading this article and watch it.

    The second sports lyric is an ode to Dennis Rodman, one of the members of the Bulls dynasty in the ’90s. Not only was he a great basketball player, he had some amazing hair days. Rodman is one of the most outlandish players to ever play the sport professionally and often switched up his hair color and style.

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  • Lil Wayne

    Lyric: “I do it for my team, Tim Tebow, n*gga. I’m killin’ this s***, grim reap’ flow, n*gga. Getting swallowed by the Maybach, deep throat n*gga. Uh, I’m about to go Planters. I’m still in my prime, Deion Sanders.”

    Whoa. I’m not sure how I feel about hearing Tim Tebow and Mr. Prime Time Deion Sanders in the same verse. Their careers were very different, as any sports fan would know. Tim Tebow was a popular person coming out of college that happened to play quarterback at the University of Florida. He went on to play three years in the league while Deion is the best corner to play the game. Good for Wayne bringing two polar opposite players into one phrase.

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  • "Black Republicans"

    Lyric: “Fly like an eagle but no I’m no Donovan.”

    This is a great lyric by Weezy because it has multiple meanings. Fly like an eagle is a phrase people say when they feel free and unrestricted. Fly can also mean dressing like a superstar. Donovan McNabb had a great career as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and brought them to a Super Bowl with fellow team member, Terrell Owens. Wayne is free, fly and, unlike Donovan, still playing his sport.

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  • Lil Wayne
    "Dough Is What I Got"

    Lyric: “I must be LeBron James if he’s Jordan. No, I won rings for my performance. I’m more Kobe Bryant of an artist. Same coach, same game, been starting. Same Triangle Offense.”

    This is a direct shot at Jay Z. Throughout his career Jay has compared himself to the great Michael Jordan. Wayne lets everyone know that if Jay thinks he is Jordan then he is a young Michael Jordan-caliber player like LeBron James. On second thought, he has plenty of accolades and awards already so he is more like the 5-time champion, Kobe Bryant. Any hoops fan knows the legacy of Phil Jackson and his genius Triangle offense strategy.

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  • "Sure Thing"

    Lyric: “Shooting like Jimmer.”

    I would love to have a conversation with Lil Wayne — he seems to really be educated in sports. You have some rappers that are “sports fans” and then you have artists like Wayne, Game, and Wale. Wayne has rapped about everyone from Roger Federer to the great collegian athlete Jimmer Fredette out of BYU.

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  • "Gucci Gucci"

    Lyric: “We roll the Dr. J and then we light the Julius Erving.”

    It’s only fair that the legendary Julius Erving got mentioned in a Lil Wayne track. The UMass alum had an illustrious career in the NBA, winning a championship in 1983, winning MVP in 1981, and eventually being named one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time. Maybe Wayne should have said “then we light up like Julius Erving,” just like Dr. J did to his opponents while he was playing. On second thought, Wayne should never take rap advice from anyone, especially me.

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  • "Sorry 4 the Wait"

    Lyric: “This sh*t is magic: Stan Van Gundy.”

    Similar to the Donavan McNabb lyric, this one is pretty clever as well. The high intensity and even higher-pitched Stan Van Gundy used to be the coach of the Orlando Magic. Wayne shrewdly compares his music to the second-best NBA team in Florida over the past couple of years. This is also a great lyric because Stan Van Gundy looks exactly like my father, who looks like Ron Jeremy.

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  • Lil Wayne
    "Throw It in the Bag"

    Lyric 1: “No bulls***, n*gga, no Ben Gordon.”

    Lyric 2: “Stop playing, b****, you balling like Okafor.”

    Shots fired! The stars of the 2004 NCAA champion UConn Huskies getting dissed by Lil Wayne in the same song. It was easier to do this after seeing what they did in the NBA. Ben Gordon was a good scorer for a handful of years in Chicago and then signed a massive contract with the Detroit Pistons. He was never the same again.

    Before Gordon was taken in the NBA Draft, his college teammate Emeka Okafor was selected by the Charlotte Bobcats. With a career average of 12 points and 10 rebounds, the UConn stud never did anything very impactful during his time in the NBA.

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  • "Believe Me"

    Lyric: “I tote a 223, two Michael Jordans, n*gga.”

    I had to throw some new Wayne in here. If you have been breathing over the last few months you have absolutely heard the banger from Lil Wayne and his counterpart Drake called “Believe Me,” which is one of the tracks that will appear on the Tha Carter V. Wayne drops a brilliant line about Michael Jordan’s playing number, 23.

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  • "Banned From T.V."

    Lyric: “Talk sh*t like Lane Kiffin.”

    For some reason this lyric seems to stand out as one of the most popular sports references in Lil Wayne’s career. I guess Lane Kiffin did talk a lot at USC. Lil Wayne has made guest appearances on ESPN and various other channels to give his two cents on the state of sports, his favorite teams, and he even talked about this lyric with sports personality Jim Rome.

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  • Lil Wayne

Carter V season is here (almost). Today, we were supposed to be blessed with the 11th studio album from the Young President, Lil Wayne. Weezy F was going to deliver his fifth installment of his classic Carter series right in time for Halloween. It has since been delayed, but that won’t stop us from getting hyped.

Coming from the heart of New Orleans, Wayne has been a fan of the Saints since birth. When he isn’t rooting for the Saints, he is cheering on his other favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. Just before the 2011 Super Bowl, Wayne remixed Wiz Khalifa’s popular song “Black and Yellow” into a tribute to the Packers, calling the song “Green & Yellow.”

As any fan of rap knows, Wayne knows his sports. He has dropped a track called “Sportscenter,” dedicated the song “No Quitter, Go Getter” to the Olympian Michael Phelps, and has appeared on ESPN television shows numerous times.

He throws sports references into a ton of songs, and this article is dedicated to the clever sports mentions that Lil Wayne has included in his songs throughout the years.

If you don’t believe that Lil Wayne is a true sports fan than you are sadly mistaken. Wayne has teamed up with athletes to drop hints about Tha Carter V. On April 28, Kobe Bryant tweeted out a promo poster for the album. In the tweet he made the world aware that Carter V season has begun. “Carter V Season” was all Kobe. He came up with it. Two months later, Chris Paul dropped a new track for Wayne titled “Krazy.” Again, another NBA star utilizing social media to help promote Wayne’s new album.

This proves how heavily involved Lil Wayne is with sports. Read the rest of this article and witness some awesome lyrical content geared towards modern day athletics. Here’s A History of Lil Wayne’s Sports References in Rap.

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