A Recent History of Fashion Statements at NBA All-Star Weekend

  • Air Jordan 11

    Jordan Brand

    1996 NBA All-Star Game


    The 1996 NBA All-Star Game in San Antonio will forever be a classic. While the jerseys go down as one of the best in history, it is also arguably the best collection of sneakers on one basketball court ever. From Michael Jordan debuting the “Columbia” Air Jordan XI to Shawn Kemp wearing the Reebok Kamikaze II, the game didn’t lack any heat when it came to shoe attire. Also making an appearance on the court were the Nike Zoom Flight ‘95, the Air Penny, Reebok Shaqnosis and FILA GH 2. 1996 was an awesome year.

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  • Chris Webber's Dada Supremes (Metallic) - 2002 NBA All-Star Game


    Chris Webber is, without a doubt, one of the best power forwards to play the game but he also was a sneaker journeyman throughout his career. Webber made stops at Nike, FILA, AND1, and Reebok during his time in the league. But there was one particular moment during the 2002 All-Star Game when, for better or worse, he stole the show by wearing the chrome Dada Supreme CDubbz. He had guts to pull it off and regardless of how people felt, the sneakers made him a sneaker legend.

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  • Air Jordan 3
    Kobe Bryant Feeling True Blue


    Kobe has always brought it on the floor in terms of what kicks he wears during All-Star Games. But 2003 was special because it was the last one for MJ. Kobe laced up a pair of the (True Blue) Air Jordan III to pay homage to his idol. (Sidenote: Jermaine O’Neal is never leaving my hate-list due to messing this game up for MJ after his potential game-winning shot.)

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  • Tracy McGrady 2004 nba all-star game

    Robyn Beck/Getty Images

    adidas T-MAC III (Red and Blue)


    Tracy McGrady‘s signature line with adidas is one of the most underrated lines in recent memory. But his best sneaker moment came during the 2004 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles when he rocked a pair of mismatched T-Mac 3s, featuring one all-royal and one all-red color palettes.

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  • Shaq’s All-Star Game Antics

    Shaq is probably the most entertaining All-Star player in league history. Every All-Star weekend he had something planned up his sleeve. He did everything from introducing the world to the first telephone sneaker, slot machine sneaker, video camera sneaker, and even danced with the Jabbawockeez. Shaq levitated his brand and showmanship by pulling off these stunts.

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  • Damon Jones' Red Suit


    Damon Jones was well known throughout the league for his comedic personality but he also was one of the most unique dressers in the NBA. He got it bad when he decided to rock a bright all-red suit during All-Star Saturday Night in Houston. Charles Barkley‘s reaction is the best part of the video. As the TNT guys said, Shaq had officially created a monster with Jones. (Sidenote: You can call Damon Jones a trailblazer in the sneaker game. He was the first American basketball player to link a deal with Li-Ning, the Chinese sneaker brand that has been making waves around the league.)

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  • Dwyane Wade band-aid All-Star Game

    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Dwyane Wade’s Band-Aid


    Dwyane Wade is perhaps the most stylish player in the NBA but for some reason he went through a phase of wearing band-aids on his face. No there was no cut or scratch, he just thought it was a cool look and one heck of a Nelly impersonation. The NBA ultimately banned players from wearing band-aids as fashion statements going forward.

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  • Craig Sager Suits

    Things haven’t been the same without Craig Sager on the sidelines and we hope he returns soon. His fashion attire during the yearly broadcasts was always completely zany and out of control. They brought great laughs. We need Sager and Walt “Clyde” Frazier to have a walk-off just like in the movie Zoolander.

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  • Russell Westbrook camo pants all-star


    Russell Westbrook Camo Pants


    Russell Westbrook knows all about taking risks in the fashion game and it has brought him several opportunities outside of basketball. But when he got the opportunity to coach the Celebrity Game back in 2013, his decision to rock camo pants was one of his boldest moves yet. Kevin Hart had a field day cracking on his pants, calling them the “worst pants he has ever seen.”

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  • James Harden NBA All-Star fashion


    NBA All-Star Weekend


    Last year was such a weird year for players and their fashion choices. Some played it safe but guys like Paul George went all out. Also guys like James Harden and Kevin Durant somehow brought gold chains back. We also can’t forget the Versace shirt Harden rocked that could have landed him in any Notorious B.I.G. video back in the ’90s.

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  • Chandler Parsons, J.R. Smith NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show

    Rob Kim/Getty Images

    NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show


    This past weekend the league introduced the NBA All-Star All-Style show in preparation for the Saturday night festivities. The show featured a runway competition with James Harden, Klay Thompson, Chandler Parsons, DeMarcus Cousins, Zach LaVine, Jeff Teague, and J.R. Smith, along with supermodels and style experts. J.R. eventually won the crown by wearing a solid array of attire that took some confidence to pull off. The first go-around for the fashion showcase probably could have gone a lot smoother but since it was the first show that was a given. Hopefully next year the show is much better and not as awkward for some guys like Jeff Teague

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  • Air Jordan 11
  • Chris Webber Dada Supreme
  • Air Jordan 3 "True Blue" Kobe Bryant
  • Tracy McGrady 2004 nba all-star game
  • Allen Iverson Shaquille O
  • Damon Jones red suit
  • Dwyane Wade band-aid All-Star Game
  • Craig Sager suit kevin garnett
  • Russell Westbrook camo pants all-star
  • James Harden NBA All-Star fashion
  • Chandler Parsons, J.R. Smith NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show

NBA All-Star Weekend is a weekend-long celebration for basketball and its fans. While the weekend is geared towards the events leading up to the game itself, it is also serves as the NBA’s unofficial fashion night out.

Year in and year out, players use the weekend to flaunt their best attire. Some fashion statements are bold and some are just downright ridiculous. We have seen some guys wear everything from sneakers that turned into a slot machine to guys wearing band-aids for fun. Then we have guys that have completely lived up to the hype and strutted their best stuff. The game being in New York City this year upped the ante a bit. One reason is that ASW meshes with New York Fashion Week, which definitely inspired some players during the weekend to go all out.

Style has definitely evolved in the league over the time since the NBA implemented a dress code in 2005. Think about it: This year, we had over a dozen ASG-inspired signature sneaker colorways and even Kanye West picked this weekend as the date he’d unveil his first shoe with adidas. The league has gone from guys showing up in sweatsuits and throwback jerseys to having a player like Russell Westbrook being named the Creative Director of a fashion line. The main highlights were the Slam Dunk Contest and the game, of course, but it was very important to pay attention to some of the fashion styles.

From Russell Westbrook to Chris Webber to Shaquille O’Neal, here’s A Recent History of NBA Fashion Statements at All-Star Weekend.

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